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How To Create Bullet Journal Collections In Tana: The Ultimate Guide

Bullet Journal collections are a great way to track & organise just about anything. In this video I show you why Tana is purpose built for bullet journalling (& how to setup your own collections in Tana).
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Supercharge Any Trello Board With Tana (In 10 minutes)

Wondering how to take your Trello boards and migrate them into Tana? I show you how to do just that. Plus how you can supercharge what you were doing in Trello using a few spunky tricks in Tana.
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How to Stop Being the Bottleneck in Your Team’s Progress

The life-changing method I created to manage work that was waiting on me, get back to people faster, and create more space to do my best work.
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Master Your Schedule with My 10-Minute Weekly Planning Process (using Tana)

My foolproof weekly planning routine that takes me about 10 minutes every week and keeps me organised across my work, my creator business & my whole life.
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My Powerful Note-Taking Workflow That Turns Information Into Insight ⚡️

Peek behind the scenes into my workflow for taking notes from articles I read using Matter and turning them into real insights & knowledge.
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Master Voice Capture In Tana: 3 Voice To Tana AI Workflows

Capturing voice is easy. But working with voice notes always felt clunky to me. Until I created these 3 Tana AI Voice Workflows to get things out of my head and into a useable format that I can start working with.
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How To Make Steady Progress On Your Big Creative Projects

Lately I’ve been struggling with my process for getting big creative projects done. They feel like they are taking forever to finish. Each step feels big so I put it off thinking I need a bigger chunk of time to deal with it.
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Boost Your Productivity With These 5 Easy Tana Tricks

Learning a new tool can be really frustrating. And if you've dived into Tana thinking it looks cool, only to find yourself clunking around not knowing what to do then today's video is for you
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