1-1 Coaching

Need Some Personalised Help?

I take on a small number of private coaching clients each month.

Let's Jump On A 1-1 Office Hours Call
If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience or you’ve bought one of my digital products and want some extra attention to help you get going, an office hours session is for you.
We’ll jump on zoom together and you get my undivided attention for 60 minutes. Some people screen share and we work on their systems, other people have a list of questions they want to pick my brain about. I can also create a more tailored coaching experience over a few sessions if that’s what you need.
60-minute ZOOM session with Ev to ask any questions that are on your mind.
Zoom Recording & transcript sent after the meeting
A chance to discuss anything with Ev about Creative workflows, Note-taking, Digital Products, Notion, Roam, Tana or other Tools For Thought.
The floor is yours - I'm here for whatever you need in!

Frequently asked questions

Do you do ongoing coaching with creators?

I don't typically do ongoing coaching with creators, but if you need ongoing support we can discuss working together for a specific timeframe to achieve specific results.

What can we talk about on a coaching call?

My coaching calls are open to whatever you need help with. It's best to bring a list of questions, or a challenge or problem you need help with. Generally my areas of expertise is Creator workflows & systems, audience building, online writing, note-taking & tools for thought, digital product strategy & creation.

Will I get a recording of the call?

Yes! I'll provide you with a recording + AI Generated transcript & notes that you can revisit at anytime.

Can we get technical?

Absolutely! If you need help with a tool for thought like Notion, Roam or Tana we can dive in and do any work or setups that you need.

What about timezones?

I've been able to accomodate most timezones - so don't worry about that. We'll find a timezone that suits us both.


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