Learn A System For Getting Ideas Out Of Your Head, Organised & Shared Easily & Effortlessly.

For 10 years I was a wannabe creator. I was great at starting new creative projects, but terrible at finishing them. But I always knew I had something unique to share.

The problem was I didn't have a system for developing ideas. So every time I needed to produce content I had to go hunting for an idea. Eventually each time the ideas ran out or I burned out.

Until 2021 when I stopped focusing on content & started focusing on ideas. I went from 10 years as a wannabe creator to a prolific creator publishing over 500 articles, 26,000 posts with 5 million impressions.

And in this masterclass I want to teach you my exact system for building your own library of networked ideas.

Wether you feel like you're on that hamster wheel always looking for content ideas or you are just starting out but can't seem to find the consistency to produce good ideas - this masterclass is for you.

Stop churning out content & start building a flywheel of powerful, unique ideas.

What We'll Cover...

Everything you need to get started building a library of powerful ideas that you can share with your audience anytime.

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How To Explore Ideas Without The Pressure Of Content

We'll talk about the importance of separating your idea exploration from your content production & why this produces better & more prolific ideas as a result.

How To Start Writing Atomic Ideas

I'll show you my simple framework for structuring Atomic Ideas so they are easy to get out of your head but also easy to share (in lots of different ways).

How To Structure & Organise Your Ideas Library

I'll show you the simple way to bring structure & organise your ideas together so you can find things easily & content bubbles up as a result.

How To Turn Ideas Into Content

We'll talk in depth about how to turn your ideas into multiple different content types, how to test your ideas on you audience & how to string your ideas together into larger content types.

A Peek Into My System

Finally I'll give you a little live peek into my own system, show you what I'm working on and how I structure it.

Who Is Suited For Atomic Ideas Masterclass?

If you want to find focus, flow & build a Tana system that helps you do that. This is for you.

  • ✅ You already create content online but you feel the process is chaotic & you're scared you might burn out if you keep working like this.
  • ✅ You want to create content or have tried in the past, but you never seem to be able to be consistent in producing enough ideas.
  • ✅ You love exploring ideas, but you want to be able to have the confidence to start sharing them online.
  • ✅ You feel like you're on a hamster wheel of content creation and you want to turn that into a flywheel so it feels more effortless.
start building a compounding library of your own unique ideas

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Frequently asked questions

I've got answers to your most burning questions...

I've already got Content OS or Knowledge Hub or one of your other templates. How does this fit in?

The masterclass is a great companion to any of my templates. While the templates are great for providing you structure, the masterclass will teach you the how of ideas.

How Long Does The Masterclass Go For?

The masterclass is just over an hour of video content.

Is This A Live Workshop?

No. This is a self-paced workshop. So you can go through the content anytime at your own pace. You also get access to our Circle community to ask questions and learn in community.

Do I Need Any Special Software For This System?

No. The masterclass is tool agnostic, we focus more on the writing of ideas rather than any technical way to make it work in a certain software. Although I give you some ideas at the end if you are using certain note-taking software.

Will The Atomic Ideas Masterclass Teach Me How To Use Tana?

No. The masterclass focuses on the Atomic Ideas Framework rather than specifically on Tana. If you want to learn how to use Tana to organise your ideas check out Tana Fast Track, Mind Like Water Mastery or one of my Tana Templates.

Let's Get Straight To It...

I've been known to be a great teacher (check out my YouTube videos if you want to get my vibe), with a cool vibe & I’m definitely not dry, dusty or BORING!

I’ve been in the Note-Taking & PKM Space for three years building templates & teaching people about apps like Notion, Roam & now Tana.

I’m a practitioner at heart, so I like to teach in a highly practical way. This means you won’t get anything complicated from me or stuff you simply don’t need & I'll always remind you to not overthink things and keep it simple.

Who’s Ev (that’s me)? And Why Should You Trust Her?

Here's What Some People Have To Say About My Teaching Vibe

“One of the most approachable, enthusiastic, and creative educators I’ve met - Robert Haisfield

“Ev does an excellent job teaching. This is a nice intro to Tana & some “big sister” like advice… TFT Hacker

“Her way of teaching tremendous knowledge, and a deep understanding of what she teaches combined with her sparkling energy helped me to build my PKM… Monika

“She’s clear and engaging & has a pace that fits my speed of thought… Kristian

“She’s very down to earth and uses “smooth brain” language instead of a bunch of tech terms… Tamera

Super practical & useful… Joe

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