Ever since I read Getting Things Done by David Allen I've been obsessed with how I work. And I've picked up elements from GTD & a hundred other productivity systems and built them to fit how I work.
But The Focus Hub isn't just another task management or productivity template that promises you'll finally get ALL the tasks done.

I custom built it to help me overcome some of my worst productivity habits - like scheduling too much into my days, working on busy work instead of getting to the most important tasks & letting tasks slip through the cracks.

It's been my trusted companion through many tools & platforms and has allowed me to work full time, build a part-time creator income & still keep up with it all.

It's designed to help you get your BEST work done, the work that brings impact & meaning to your work, your life & the world.

I've been a student of 'How I Work' for the better part of 20 years...

Hey I'm Ev ūüĎč
Features You'll Fall In Love With

Get More Of Your Best Work Done Everyday

Don't fall into the trap of 'more' work, get your best work done every day with The Focus Hub
The Status Board

See All Your Work From A Birds Eye View

Plan your work in 8-week cycles. No over-committing, just get your best work done every 8 weeks.
Track projects so they get finished. Visually see the progress of your projects and use hill charts to see the effort needed at that moment.

Set constraints so projects get finished. Working in 8 week cycles means projects never drag on for months and you are pushed to finish current projects before taking on new ones.
The next Up Board

Always Have Your Next Tasks At Hand

Future Tasks Pop Up When You Need Them. Use the tickler section to set & forget tasks until you need them.

Pull from your list of available tasks. Create your weekly plan in minutes by pulling in tasks from your available list.

Work from your next up list. Get focused every week with a small list of your most important tasks.
Close The Loops

Never Let Another Task Slip Through The Cracks

Track Waiting On Tasks. Track & Follow Up On Any Task you are waiting on from others.

Keep Agendas In One Place. Need to speak to a co-worker about something? Keep it in your close the loop section for the next time you meet.

Delegate Task Like A Pro. Keep track of anything you've delegated to others so you can follow up.
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Love For The Focus Hub Template

I love my 'Focus Hub'
I love my 'Focus Hub', and 'Focus Days' is a brilliant idea for helping eliminate overwhelm in the working day. Excellent tutorial
Emma Brooks
Creative Solopreneur
It Is Fantastic!
Spent my evening learning how to setup @evielync 's Notion Template: Focus Hub. I Wish I'd found it 1.5 years ago. It. Is. Fantastic.

I'll be using it to get through the next #ship30for30 cohort in March.
Em Downham
Finding Clarity
Planning my cycle and finding clarity with @evielync's latest Notion gem, The Focus Hub. If you're frustrated or paralyzed by your current Notion setup, this is a steal. Thanks, Ev!
Juan Cifrian
Language Coach

Download The Focus Hub Template

Get More Of Your Best Work Done Everyday: The System To Help You Overcome Bad Productivity Habits & Get Your Best Work Done.
Plan Your Work With The Status Board
See all your projects in one place & plan with clarity & intention.
Work In Weekly Sprints
Move prjects & tasks forward one week at a time
Stay Focused With The Next Up Board
Remove the noise of EVERYTHING you could do and focus on what will move the needle
Close The Loops Like A Pro
Don't let another task slip through the cracks. Follow Up with waiting and delegated tasks

Focus Hub Template

Choose Either The Notion or Tana Version
Get more of your best work done...
Track Projects
Close the loop on tasks
Set & Forget Tickler Tasks
Lifetime Updates
Overcommitment Alert
Quickstart Guide
Easy To Process Task Inbox
Documentation & Video Walkthrough