New Tools Are Cool. They Hold A Lot Of Promise. But Learning A New Tool Is A Nightmare. Tana Fast Track Is Designed To Help You Skip The Learning Curve & Simply Start Using Tana.

No Nightmares, No Tears, No Tearing Your Hair Out... ūüėćūüėĀūü§ď

Make no mistake, Tana is one of the most powerful knowledge management tools in the marketplace today. It has the potential to skyrocket your knowledge and speed up how you work.

But unless you're a knowledge management creator like me you likely don't have the time to spend weeks & months trying to get your Tana workspace setup (let alone learn all the features that can actually make the tool powerful).

You need a fast way to simply start working in Tana & experience it's incredible 'mind like water' power.

And that's exactly why I created the Tana Fast Track course. It's designed to get you set up with everything you need and nothing you don't. No complicated ontologies or setups. And you learn the features AS you're setting up your workspace - so there's no wasted time.

It’s simply the best way for busy knowledge professionals who don’t have time to spare to get started with Tana OS

Skip The 'New Tool' Learning Curve...

Fast Track Your Way To Mind Like Water In Tana

Get Started In Tana Fast

Stop Wasting Time Jumping Around YouTube Tutorials. As much as I love a good YouTube tutorial ūüėČ it will take you months to learn what you could in Tana Fast Track in days. If you don't have time to muck around down the YouTube Rabbit hole then Tana Fast Track is your best bet.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

Tana Fast Track is designed to be ultra-practical. We won't dive into complicated ontologies or philosophy on the history of Knowledge Management. Everything in the course is designed to help you simply start working in Tana. That's it. That doesn't mean I don't dive into more advanced features. It just means I'll remind you to keep your workspace practical rather than be distracted by shiny objects.

Learn How To Unleash The True Power Of Tana

Tana is ultra powerful. But discovering that power can often be overwhelming. Not only will you get powerful workflows installed in seconds and be inspired by all the things Tana can help you with. I'll teach step by step how to use Tana's powerful features in a way that feels easy.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

ūüöę Say No To Boring Tutorials & Yes To Learning By Doing

I keep the boring tutorials to a minimum and instead, we get our hands dirty by doing the work together. I'll give you some quick Tana basics and then we'll dive right into workflows you can use every day in your life & work. And now with Tana Templates, you can install these workflows directly into your Tana Workspace & just 'get started.’

Me (Ev, Hi ūüĎč) As Your Personal Guide

I'm going to give you my very best level-headed big sister/wise aunty vibes throughout Tana Fast Track. Which means I'll remind you to keep things simple, solve immediate problems (not imaginary ones), not worry about features you honestly don't need and stop getting distracted by shiny objects. Plus I'm one of a handful of certified Tana Ambassadors (which gives me access to the Tana Team, new features before they launch & whole lot more so I can hep YOU get the most out of Tana).
Dashboard mockup

Transform¬†Your Information Chaos ūü§Į Into A¬†Powerful Personal Knowledge System

Skip the learning curve & late night YouTube sessions.  Tana Fast Track will get you up & running faster than a cheetah sprinting across the Serengeti at full speed.
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What's Included In The Tana Fast Track Course?

Tana Fast Track is more than just a bunch of boring video modules. Get everything you need to start building a 'mind like water' system in Tana...

Video Modules

Step by step video & written course modules to help you learn the core set of Tana Features AND start working in Tana.

Tana Templates

Done For You Templates that you can install directly into your workspace & start using right now. No setup required.

Quickstart Guides

A bunch of guides you can install right into your Tana workspace to guide you as you're learning & using Tana.


The fast track community is filled with like-minded, helpful knowledge workers who want to level up their Tana workspace.

Office Hours

Every now & then I host Office Hour calls within the community to learn about core features, new workflows or get help with your own Tana setup.

Lifetime Access & Updates

Tana is moving at lightspeed. I am constantly updating the course curriculum and adding new lessons as needed.

What We Cover In Tana Fast Track

Tana Fast Track is divided into four modules. We keep the tutorials to a minimum and focus on workflows you can install & start using straight away.

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Module 1: Intro To Tana

I’ll bring you up to speed fast with what Tana is, how it works, how to get around and what you cvan expect from the rest of the course.

Lessons Covered In Module 1:

  • Tana:¬†A¬†High Velocity App For High Velocity People
  • The¬†Tana Way
  • Understanding the Tana Language
Module 2: Learn The Fundamentals

Here I break down the the Key Tana Features you'll need to build & work in Tana (& speed up your work). We'll cover things like The Daily Page, Supertags & Live Searches + much more.

Lessons Covered In Module 2:

  • The Daily Page
  • Supertags
  • Live Searches
  • Custom Styling Your Tana Workspace
  • The Sidebar &¬†Building Structure
  • Tana Capture:¬†IOS¬†Mobile App
Module 3: Build A Mind Like Water System

In this module I'll teach you how to build a system to help you move through your day effortlessly, fully & engaged & energised. We'll talk about how to embrace your chaos, unload your thoughts & ideas and make space to think & create freely.

Lessons Covered In Module 3:

  • The Capture Habit:¬†Unload Your mind
  • Embrace Your Chaos:¬†Minimum Viable Organisation
  • Arrange Your Space:¬†Processes you don't have to think about
  • Work The Line:¬†Be Fully Engaged In Your Work
Module 4: The Fast Track Core Workflows

In this module, I’ll walk you through building 6 of the most common workflows to help you work and organise yourself in Tana. You’ll have the choice to build them with me (the best way to learn Tana) or install the one-click templates for an even faster start!

Lessons Covered In Module 4:

  • The Focus¬†Hub:¬†Task¬†&¬†Project Management
  • The People Hub:¬†Meetings &¬†People Dashboard
  • The Horizons Dashboard:¬†Planning In Week, Months &¬†Years
  • Content Hub:¬†Content Creation &¬†Management
  • Knowledge Hub:¬†Manage Your Knowledge &¬†Notes
  • The Daily Page Setup &¬†Configuration
  • How To Setup Your Own Workflows &¬†Hubs
Module 5: Advanced Stuff

In module 4 we dive deeper into some more advanced things that Tana can do. For most people, the basics are absolutely fine. But when you’re ready you might want to jump into some of the more complex and advanced things that Tana can do.

Lessons Covered In Module 5:

  • Advanced Tutorials
  • Done State Mapping
  • Extending Supertags
  • Auto-Initialisation
  • Build Title From Fields
  • Advanced Live Search
  • Custom Commands
  • Tana AI For Builders

The Tana Fast Track Templates

Tana Fast Track relies on a series of core templates to help you achieve ultimate Mind Like Water Status. Everything you need to plan, organise & get work done.

Horizons Hub

Planning for all the levels of your life. Zoom out for a high level view of your goals & plans for the years or zoom ALL the way in to just this week. The Horizons Hub helps you set plans for the year, month & week so you can stay on track.

The Focus Hub

Once you've got your plan in place it's time to focus on what you need to do to make it happen. The Focus Hub is where you can track all your projects & tasks and get your best work done.

The People Hub

The people hub makes it easy to track people you interact with & meetings. Easily prepare for meetings and track all the outcomes. Tasks you add during meetings seamlessly flow into your focus hub.

The Knowledge Hub

Collect information & make sense of it in your very own knowledge hub. Now integrated with Readwise you can collect everything you consume across the internet in one place & start to build it into your very own knowledge.

The Content Hub

The best way to really embed the knowledge you are collecting & learning about is to share it. The content hub helps you develop, organise & share content. Wether you are a content creator or just someone who casually likes to share online.

The Daily Page

Stay Focused & present each day by bringing in all the information you need and having it at your fingertips. No need to go searching through your hubs. Setup your daily page so information shows up where it needs to.

Each template includes full setup & installation documentation as well as walkthrough videos to show you how to use each template.

Transform¬†Your Information Chaos ūü§Į Into A¬†Powerful Personal Knowledge System

Skip the learning curve & late night YouTube sessions.  Tana Fast Track will get you up & running faster than a cheetah sprinting across the Serengeti at full speed.
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Who Is Tana Fast Track Course Suitable For?

If you're busy and don't have time for Youtube Rabbit holes, Tana Fast Track is mostly likely for you.

  • ‚úÖ Busy Knowledge Professionals Who Need To Get Started Fast and don't have time to waste.
  • ‚úÖ Creative Professionals who want to harness the power of Tana to organise their ideas &¬†content in Tana
  • ‚úÖ Academic folks who need their Tana system to work for them right now.
  • ‚úÖ PKM¬†Enthusiasts who want to learn more about this powerful tool
  • ‚úÖ Anyone else who leads a fast-paced life &¬†needs a foolproof system for keeping everything under control.
  • ‚ĚĆ Tana Fast Track is probably not for you if you are looking for ontologies, want to debate over TFT¬†Tools or talk about the philosophy of knowledge management. We're here to get work done, simply.

Join Over 300+ Of Our Amazing Students

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Start Building A System That Creates a Clear Mind, Effortless Flow And Space To Think, Create & Do Your Work Freely & With No Fuss

Ready To Get On The Tana Fast Track?

Let's Get Straight To It...

Who’s Ev (that’s me)? And Why Should You Buy A Course From Her?

I've been known to be a great teacher (check out my YouTube videos if you want to get my vibe), with a cool vibe & I’m definitely not dry, dusty or BORING!

I’ve been in the Note-Taking & PKM Space for three years building templates & teaching people about apps like Notion, Roam & now Tana. I’m a practitioner at heart, so I like to teach in a highly practical way. This means you won’t get anything complicated from me or stuff you simply don’t need (but you will learn how to build powerful workflows in a simple, easy way).

I’m also one of the first Tana Ambassadors, so you can trust I’m not going to lead you astray!Plus, I don't believe in pushing anyone into ONE WAY of doing things... I'll always encourage you to experiment, and find the best way that works for how you work.

Here's What Some People Have To Say About My Teaching Vibe ‚ú®

“One of the most approachable, enthusiastic, and creative educators I’ve met - Robert Haisfield

‚ÄúEv does an excellent job teaching. This is a nice intro to Tana & some ‚Äúbig sister‚ÄĚ like advice‚Ķ TFT Hacker

“Her way of teaching tremendous knowledge, and a deep understanding of what she teaches combined with her sparkling energy helped me to build my PKM… Monika

“She’s clear and engaging & has a pace that fits my speed of thought… Kristian

‚ÄúShe‚Äôs very down to earth and uses ‚Äúsmooth brain‚ÄĚ language instead of a bunch of tech terms‚Ķ Tamera

“Super practical & useful… Joe

Frequently asked questions

OK, you might still have a few questions at this point. I'll try my best to answer the most common ones. But if you have something specific, feel free to reach out to me personally.

Do you supply Tana Invites For People Who Join The Course?‚Ä£

Yes! Anyone who purchases the Template pack or the course gets access to an invite if needed. If you need a Tana Invite reach out to me after you’ve purchased via DM in the Circle community & I’ll get one to you.

Tana Is Still In Early Access. Can I Trust It With My Information & Knowledge?

My answer to this would be YES (& also I have). The Tana team have ben working behind the scenes for a year to bring Tana to where it is today. As a beta product it is the best I’ve seen and they continue to bring out updates almost every week

With Tana being In Early Access & updated often, does the course get updated?

Yes! With each new update that Tana introduces I update the course modules either with a small text addendum or an extra video (or if it’s a big update - a whole new module). Often Tana updates in the Slack channel are quite technical - so I also help you break down the updates for what you can practically do with the update

Is Tana Fast Track for beginners only?

Nope. Although we start with Tana Fundamentals which are excellent for beginners. Tana Fast start is for anyone who wants to build a daily driver system to help them achieve 'mind like water' - no matter if they are a beginner or pro Tana user.

Do I have to be technical to use Tana (or have a PKM background)

Not at all. I’ll walk you through step by step each of the fundamentals of Tana and the workflows. Depending on your level of technical abilities you can speed up or slow down at any time.

Transform¬†Your Information Chaos ūü§Į Into A¬†Powerful Personal Knowledge System

Skip the learning curve & late night YouTube sessions.  Tana Fast Track will get you up & running faster than a cheetah sprinting across the Serengeti at full speed.
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