Hey, I'm Ev.

And I'm Obsessed With Building Personal Knowledge & Sharing It Online.

3 years ago I fell in love with a practice & process that helped me find ideas that sparked me, get clear on my thinking & build my own unique knowledge that I could share with the world.

It has become my magnificent obsession 🤩

It consumes me. When I wake up I think about ideas, when I work I think about ideas, when I go to sleep I dream about ideas.

And now I teach people how to do the same (Disclaimer: I can't guarantee you won't become obsessed too).


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Boost Your Productivity With These 5 Easy Tana Tricks

Learning a new tool can be really frustrating. And if you've dived into Tana thinking it looks cool, only to find yourself clunking around not knowing what to do then today's video is for you
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Unlock Next Level Productivity In Tana with A Roam Research Like Sidebar

There is nothing more detrimental to finding flow in your digital systems than having to click around constantly to work on things. My Focus Sidebar in Tana keeps me focused on the most important things, wherever I am in my workspace.
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How To Sell Digital Products On Auto-Pilot (Without Relying On Constant Launches)

You don't need a million-dollar launch to have a successful digital product.
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How To Build A Creative Practice Like The Great Artists

I struggled for a decade to be a creator without a creative practice Instead of practising daily, the only time I switched on my creativity was when I needed to produce something. No wonder I struggled for so long!
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How To Build Atomic Ideas (That You Can Turn Into Endless Content)

Three years ago I was desperate to build a consistent writing practice.
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How I Structure My Daily Writing Sessions To Unlock My Ideas

One daily habit pulled me out of years of inconsistency as a creator... Establishing a Daily Spark Writing Practice.
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8 Of My Go-To Frameworks For Turning Ideas Into Content

Content is simply the communication of ideas.Lots of people have ideas, but if you can't communicate them well all those amazing ideas are going to get lost in translation.So communication is the real game of content creation.
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