Hey, I'm Ev.

I Help Everyday People Build, Organise & Share Their Personal Knowledge with the world.

Your personal knowledge is powerful. But so much of it gets lost in notebooks and note-taking apps (or just in our heads).

But it doesn't have to.

Discover how a personal knowledge platform can help you collect, make sense of & organise all that wonderful knowledge you've collected over a lifetime.
Your Knowledge Is Powerful. Don't Waste it.

Three Ways I Can Help You Leverage Your Personal Knowledge

Step 1: Organise Your Knowledge

Build Your Personal Knowledge Platform

Forget productivity systems. You need a personal knowledge platform to organise & build your knowledge.

Step 2: Build Your Knowledge

Turn Your Knowledge Into Unique Ideas

Learn how you can harness & build your knowledge into powerful, unique ideas you become known for.

Step 3: Share Your Knowledge

Share Your Ideas & Expertise With The World

Learn how to share those ideas & earn independent income from your knowledge & unique experience.


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Learn How To Build Your Unique Personal Knowledge & Share It With The World

Join 1200+ other creators building a magnificent obsession around their their unique ideas.
Build Your Personal Knowledge Platform

Explore Pre-Built Templates For Your Personal Knowledge System

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🛠️ Get more of your best work done everyday
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The Focus Hub

Get more of your best work done everyday. Focus on the tasks that matter most.
✨ Build, & Share Content Ideas With Your Audience
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The Spark Toolkit

130+ Prompts, Frameworks & Post Types To Help You Explore & Communicate Your Ideas Effectively
Learn how to organise, build & share your knowledge

Courses & Workshops To Help You Organise & Build Your Knowledge

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🎓 Learn How To Use Tana OS

Tana Fast Track Course

Build Your Fully Integrated Personal Knowledge Platform In Tana. Designed to get you started fast.
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⚙️ Build Powerful Ideas

Atomic Ideas Masterclass

Learn how you can build a library of your unique networked ideas that you can turn into content anytime you like
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Ideas To Spark You 💡

Why Your Personal Knowledge Is Going To Waste (And How To Change That)

The ultimate guide to building a personal knowledge platform that turns information into insight & knowledge you'll actually use.
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How I Use Tana as My Commonplace Book To Unlock Everyday Wisdom

A renaissance practice for the modern information world: How to start a commonplace practice to organise your thoughts & build your knowledge.
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Forget Goals, Focus on Intentions: My Yearly Planning Rituals That Set The Direction For A Powerful Year.

I used to hate yearly planning. And I think it comes down to my relationship with goal setting. I’m not much of a goal setter. A year is a long time and I don’t like to be locked into heavy goals throughout the year.
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The Reading Workflow That Helps Me Turn Information Into Knowledge

For a long time I read a lot of books and never actually did anything useful with the notes I took.
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