And worse yet. I never remembered or made use of any of it.

That was until I read the book 'How To Take Smart Notes' and everything changed for me.

I started actually taking notes not just highlighting & clipping. I started seeing connections forming & I finally understood (& felt) the difference between acquiring information & building real knowledge.

But as much as I love the concept of the Zettelkasten, every setup I've seen on Youtube & written about on Medium is just ultra-complicated.

So I've spent 3 years simplifying my method down to a few small components that put the focus on finding sparks of inspiration & writing.

And that's what The Knowledge Hub is. I simple Zettelkasten system where you can focus on the joy of building knowledge, not fussing with a complicated system.

Wether you are building knowledge to share in some way (as a student or creator) or you just want a way to take what you consume and make it an embedded part of your life, The Knowledge Hub is the perfect system to help you do that.

I spent far too long consuming information, filing it away for 'someday' when I thought it might be useful and ending up with a graveyard full of quotes & notes that I never looked at

Hey I'm Ev ūüĎč
You Do The Work, Let Tana Do The Tracking

Start Building Knowledge

Easily see where your time is being spent by tracking the time you spend on tasks in Tana

Track Time Against Tasks With The Click Of A Button

It's as simple as the click of a ‚Źį button. Start working on a task click the button. Stop working on a task - click the button. Start working on it again - click the button. OK... you get it!

Record multiple time sessions on a task & Tana will add up the total time.

ūüďč View Your Current Day & Week Timesheets

Easily view your current day & week timesheets in the Timesheet hub. Check what you've been working on during the day, and view everything you've accomplished during the week.

Generate Timesheet Reports using AI

Gather all your timesheet in one place & generate daily & weekly reports for clients, bosses or just for your own review.

Plug It In To Your Existing Tana Task System

TimeWise is designed as a kind of 'Plug-In Template' so it will work on top of any current task system you already have set up in Tana. That means no duplicated task Supertags or complicated configurations. And it'll take you less than 5 minutes to set up.

AI Powered Tana Template

This is an AI Powered Template, so you will need to have AI For Builders switched on in your Tana workspace and a valid OpenAI API key to use.
The Tweet Generator Loved By Creators ūüíõ

Love For The Endless Tweet Generator

Who Is Suited For Unremarkable Growth?

If you want to go viral, this is probably not the course for you (just saying).

  • ‚úÖ Creators who want to build a loyal engaged audience that loves them &¬†buys from them.
  • ‚úÖ Creators who are sick of the Twitter Bro tactics &¬†want a more sustainable way to build audience
  • ‚úÖ Creators who are 'in it for the long game' not some quick fix
  • ‚úÖ Creators who want to bring their unique personality to their profile, not check it at the door (&¬†sound like all the other Twitter clones).
  • ‚ĚĆ You want a 'get rich quick' grow quick guide to Twitter
  • ‚ĚĆ You're not willing to put in the work to build an audience
  • ‚ĚĆ You want followers, not a densely, engaged tribe (if that's the case just go buy some followers bro)
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Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.
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Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

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