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How To Turn 1x Tweet Into 100x Tweets & Never Run Out Of Content Again
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That's the question I get asked almost every day as a creator.

And the answer is simple.

I work smarter, not harder (Cliche I know... but hear me out)

You see... Most creators are trying to say 100x different things one time only. Eventually you either run out of things to say or you fizzle out because it's all just too hard.

But the most successful creators have learned to say 1x thing 100x different ways. And that's the secret to growing an engaged audience.
And that's why I created the Remixify Process™

In this workshop, I'll walk you through the Remixify Process step by step and show you how you can take any of your previous content and turn it into multiple different ideas for new content. Not just tweets, but LinkedIn Posts, Medium Articles, Short-Form Videos, Long-Form Videos...

How Do You Create So Much Content? 🤯

Self-Paced Workshop

90 Minute Video Workshop

A 90 Minute Workshop you can watch in your own time
The Remixify QuickStart Guide: Everything in the workshop broken down into one Notion template so you can refer back to it easily.
BONUS: Get Access to my Endless Tweet Generator to help you write unlimited tweets.
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What We'll Cover...

This Isn't Your Typical Get Growth Quick Course. Instead, we'll set a plan for growth & then put it into practice.

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How To Turn 1x Into 100x Ideas Using The Remixify Method

I'll cover the whole process from how to find your top performing tweets, the best ways to remix content so it doesn't sound the same and how to fill your content bank with high resonance content.

How To Find Your Resonance Signal Boosters

We'll cover what signals to pay attention to to find your highest performing content - and why audience size doesn't matter & the difference between 'performance' and 'resonance'

The Remix Matrix & Frameworks

I'll show you how to quickly & easily turn old content into new content that doesn't sound the same using the remix frameworks.

Your Weekly Remix Routine

We'll walk through how to setup a weekly remix routine, so you can rinse & repeat your content generation every week and never miss a beat!

Creating Your Content Mix

We'll talk about how to create a content mix so you can easily move content from one platform to another - without having to deal with complicated content plans & calendars.

PLUS I'll Also Cover...

  • How To Co-Create With Your Audience To Create Your Best Content
  • Why you should stop thinking about content and start thinking about ideas
  • How To look for resonance patterns to find your niche

The Remixify Workshop Is For You If...

You want to up your Twitter game without feeling like you're playing 'the game.'

  • ✅ You find yourself constantly feeling burned out by having to create more & more content
  • ✅ You can never stay consistent with creating content & want an easier way
  • ✅ You're on the hustle content train and want to get off
  • ✅ You want to expand onto new platforms but don't feel like you have the capacity.
  • ✅ Will work if you're just starting out or a seasoned creator!
Create More Content Than Ever Before

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Frequently asked questions

I've got answers to your most burning questions...

I don't use Twitter, can this still work?

YES. Although I built this system to work on Twitter, it will work with any platform that you can get signals from (eg. LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

How long will it take to complete?

The workshop is 90 minutes. Then you'll need about 1-2 hours to setup your Remixify System.

I don't have a large Twitter Following, can I use this method?

Yes! In fact I've been using this exact method since I had ~500 followers just under 2 years ago. So it works at any stage.