The All In One Social Media Template To Help You Plan Your Content, Manage Your Tribe & Track Your Growth.

Social media is one of the greatest modern ways to make an impact and get your ideas out in to the world. But managing it can end up being a full time job (I've managed multiple accounts for the past 12 years - I should know).

I've managed hundreds of social media accounts as a social media manager & experienced marketer. Plus I've grown my own accounts as a creator to over 25k followers in the past 3 years.

I wouldn't be able to do any of it without a foolproof system that helps keep my organised and consistent. Not just in posting content, but also keeping up with my tribe.

The Social Launchpad is that system. It'll help you plan your content with ease, manage a tribe of engaged followers & track your growth & results - all without losing your mind!

The All In One, AI Powered Social Media Template

Manage Your Social Media Like The Pro's Do!

Easily keep track of all your content on different platforms, build an engaged audience and track your growth as a result.

Keep All Your Content, Ideas & Post Schedule Organised. Never Miss Another Posting Day Again!

Collect all your content ideas into your very own content bank. Select ideas to add to your planner. Review top performing posts & remix them into new posts & ideas.

- Collect Content Ideas
- Organise Them On The Planner
- Find Your Top Performers
- Easily Remix Your Best Posts Into More Content ideas Using our exclusive REMIXIFY AI Tool.

👥 Build A Highly Engaged Audience On Any Platform

Your Content strategy is nothing without a tribe of people to engage with. The Social Launchpad template helps you manage multiple lists, keep track of how often you've engaged and make sure you are building the three most important lists (your inner circle, your spark list & your big hitters).

- Keep Your Engagement Lists Organised
- Make Sure You Are Engaging With The Most Important People
- Daily Checklist For Engagement

What Get's Measured... Grows.

You don't need a lot of followers to make an impact on social media. But tracking metrics is an important part of not only growth, but getting better at what you're doing. The Social Launchpad includes helps you keep a scorecard of what's important for growth & helps you run experiments so you control the growth.

- Track Your Monthly & Weekly Growth Stats
- Measure Each Post To Find Your Top Performers
- Use the In-Built AI Analyser tools to get recommendations on how to do better.

A Toolbox Full Of AI Powered Tools

The social launchpad also includes a bunch of tools I've collected over the years to help you create content faster including post frameworks & prompts as well as AI Prompts & Commands.

- Over 100 Post Frameworks To Make Communicating Your Ideas Even Easier
- The Post Remixifyer: Powered By AI, turn your best performing posts into 10x new ideas with the click of a button.
- Post Framework-er. Turn top performing posts from your competitors into post frameworks for your own ideas.

🤖 AI Powered Tana Template

This is an AI Powered Template, so you will need to have AI For Builders switched on in your Tana workspace and a valid OpenAI API key to use.

Delegate much of the manual work of social media to your AI Powered template. Get new ideas for posts, analyse your growth stats, get recomendations from the AI bot.

Remove the grunt work and make AI your social media assistant.
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Social Launchpad Template

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Frequently asked questions

I've got answers to your most burning questions...

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Do I Need A Tana Account To use This Template

Yes. This is a Tana template. If you don't have a Tana account, you can join the community and introduce yourself to get on the fast track.

I already have Content OS, how does this fit in?

Content OS was designed for managing your long form content & ideas. I have specifically designed Social Launchpad for short form social content. It will work in conjuction with Content OS.

Will This Work With Any Social Media Platform?

Yes, I have designed it to work with whatever social platforms you use. You'll customise it to your platforms during the setup phase of the template.

The All In One Social Media Template

Plan Your Content, Manage Your Tribe, Track Your Growth On Any Social Media Platform With The Social Launchpad Template
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