Not to mention adding 13,000 new humans to my tribe, having my templates downloaded over 8000 times and collecting $80,000 in revenue from digital products

I don't say this to brag. I say it because I want you to know I did without being a full time creator.

You see, I simply discovered a way to escape the feeling of the endless grind of content creation, unlock a deep well of knowledge & wisdom and make it dead easy to turn it into shareable content.

And I want to show you how you can do it to.

In The Last Year I've Written 120+ Articles, 6000 Social Media Posts and generated 352k Eyes On My Content

Hey I'm Ev 👋

Discover The Spark Creator System

Rather than pushing or striving to create & publish content. Content spills & flows out of you as a natural outcome of a rich daily creative practice you develop & a fool-proof system that supports that practice. Sound delightful? I bet it does. And in the daily creator course, I want to show you how to build both of these so they work together in a beautiful alignment that sustains you as a creator and helps you publish content easily & effortlessly day after day.

I Spent 10 Years As A Wannabe Creator...

Leaving a wake of old blogs, vlogs, podcasts & other creative projects in the graveyard of internet projects. I tried hard to create content, but I could never seem to find a consistent flow. So I stopped creating content and started building ideas. Everyday, I dug into ideas that sparked me. And guess what happened as a result? Content started to pour out of me - and hasn't stopped in the last 3 years.

So I turned my system into the Spark Creator System. Half system to follow, half sacred practice. It's designed to help creators unlock their unique knowledge & turn that knowledge into consistent, shareable content for their audience (without feeling like they are on an endless content treadmill).

It's Just 6 Steps To Become A Spark Creator

Collect Sparks

Everything starts by 'getting sparked.' You'll learn how to find and collect inspiration & ideas. And we'll build a practice to work through these ideas regularly.

Build Ideas

The beating heart of any creator isn't content - it's ideas. Learn how to really dig into your ideas during your spark writing practice build a rich library of your knowledge.

Turn Ideas Into Content

As you focus on ideas, content will just start to spill out all over the place. Using unique frameworks and a little AI magic (if that's your thing) you'll create a bank of content from your knowledge.

Share & Collect Signal

Your ideas are meant to be shared. Learn how to create shareable content, test your ideas on your audience and collect signals on what resonates the most for them.

Remix Ideas & Content

There's no need to go crazy trying to create new content all the time. You'll learn how to take your best content & remix it into new ideas & content.

Create Your Signature Ideas

The more you share from you unique knowledge, the more you become known for your signature ideas.

This Isn't Another "Here's How To Hustle Your Way To Being A Creator" Course.

Are Your Ready To Re-Discover Your Creative Spark & Unlock An Unlimited Amount Of Content?

Good. Let's Dive In

What We'll Cover In The Spark Creator Course...

Discover how to find your spark, build unique ideas and turn those ideas into content effortlessly & endlessly.

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6x Self-Paced Course Modules
Go through the course at your own pace. Apply each of the lessons & systems and you'll have a full blown Spark Creator System in no time.
Module 1: Collecting Sparks & Building Ideas
Module 2: Unlock & Build Your Unique Knowledge Library
Module 3: Turn Your Knowledge Into An Endless Content Bank
Module 4: Listening For Spark Signals From Your Audience
Module 5: Remix Your Best Content Into Endless Content
Module 6: Create And Endless Flywheel
The Spark Creator Circle Community
Access to our Online Daily Creator Circle Community for accountability & support from Ev (me) and other amazing creators in the community.
On-Demand access to me anywhere, anytime
Network & grow with other creators
Take the course everywhere you go on your phone.
Spark Creator Studio Template (For Tana or Notion)
Don't waste your time trying to set up your own system. Install the Spark Creator Notion or Tana template instantly.
Choose the Tana or the Notion version
Get the same template that I use day & day out to create all my content (I designed it!)
Easy to install. Plus step by step instructions on how to use.
Bonus Guides & Templates
Get access to my bonus guides on audience building, creating templates & monetising your knowledge.
Bonus Access To ‘The Unremarkable Twitter Growth Guide’ Workshop to get you up to speed on growing a Twitter Audience.
Bonus Access To my new guide ‘How To Monetise Your Knowledge’ to help you take the final step and make money from your ideas!
Lifetime Access & Updates
Get lifetime access to any course updates I make. As well as updates to the templates and guides.

Who Is The Spark Creator Course For?

If you're looking to get rich quick or grow to 10k fast... this might not be for you.

  • ✅ Anyone who creates content and is sick of it feeling HARD all the time
  • ✅ Creators who feel like content creation takes them too long because they are constantly disorganised & feel like a ‘hot mess’ most of the time.
  • ✅ Creators who fear burning out (or worse have burned out) from the constant hamster wheel of content creation and want a different way to work.
  • ✅ Part-Time creators who need to optimise their creative time in the midst of work & other commitments.
  • ✅ Creators who want to experience the joy of creating again.
  • ❌ I’ll just put it out there now… this is not for you if you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’ or to grow as fast as you can (there are a lot of other courses out there that will teach you that).

What Past Students Are Saying

Ready To Find Your Creative Spark Again?

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Build A Sustainable, Long-Game Creative Practice: Discover A System For Creating Content That Feels EASY & EFFORTLESS. Become A Spark Creator.

Ready To Find Your Creative Spark Again?

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Let's Get Straight To It...

Who’s Ev (that’s me)? And Why Should You Buy A Course From Her?

I’m a content creator & creative entrepreneur. In 2021 I started writing online & haven’t stopped. I’ve built a significant audience on Twitter in that time and sold my digital products into the hands of over 5000 people.

I’ve been featured on The Gumroad Podcast, Passionfroot Creators On Air & The Public Show With Kevon Cheung.

I create digital products & courses to help other creators harness the power of systems to create a sustainable creative practice they love and a business they won’t burn out from.

I’m a Notion & Tana Ambassador and the founder of the Tana Fast Start Course - so I know a thing or two about building systems. And I’ve worked with real people for the last 10 years watching them use my systems in the real world - so I know a thing or two about how people work.

I hope you’ll join me for the Spark Creator Course - let’s build sustainable creator lives together!

Here's What Some People Have To Say About My Teaching Vibe

“One of the most approachable, enthusiastic, and creative educators I’ve met - Robert Haisfield

“Ev does an excellent job teaching. This is a nice intro to Tana & some “big sister” like advice… TFT Hacker

“Her way of teaching tremendous knowledge, and a deep understanding of what she teaches combined with her sparkling energy helped me to build my PKM… Monika

“She’s clear and engaging & has a pace that fits my speed of thought… Kristian

“She’s very down to earth and uses “smooth brain” language instead of a bunch of tech terms… Tamera

Super practical & useful… Joe

Frequently asked questions

I've got answers to your most burning questions...

Do I Have To Use Notion or Tana To Take The Course?

Nope. Systems are more than just software. I’ll be teaching you the concept of the systems I’ve built and then we’ll help you apply those concepts into any tool of your choosing.

How Long Does The Course Take?

The course itself can be watched in 4 hours. But executing the course will take a little longer than that. Expect to spend 30 days building your knowledge bank.

Are There Any Live Sessions

The course is designed as a self-paced course, but from time to time I organise pop up office hour sessions for you to attend.

Will thise course show me how to get followers or grow an audience

In this course, I’ll be focusing solely on content creation processes. But you will get access to my Twitter Growth Guide as a bonus)

This Isn't Another "Here's How To Hustle Your Way To Being A Creator" Course.

Are Your Ready To Re-Discover Your Creative Spark & Unlock An Unlimited Amount Of Content?

Good. Let's Dive In