Don't Let Food Go To Waste. Always Know Exactly What's In Your Pantry.

When things are out of sight they are out of mind for me. So I'll often assume I have nothing to eat even when there is a fridge full of food.

So I built The Pantry App for Tana

With The Pantry App you can easily track what's in your pantry, get meal ideas & add things you don't have to your shopping list.

All while never opening the fridge or pantry!

Keep Track of Your Pantry With Tana

Keep Track Of What's In Your Pantry!

Never let those mushrooms in the back of your fridge go to waste again.

View Everything That's In Your Pantry

Add food you have on hand to your pantry so you can easily see what you're working with. You can add meal ideas to each food item or have AI generate some ideas for you. And once you've used an item simply remove it from the pantry or add it to your shopping list.

Add All Your Food Items

See all the food items you regularly buy & eat in one place. This makes creating shopping lists a breeze. And because it's connected to your pantry you can easily see what you don't have on hand and add it straight to the list!

Easily Build A Shopping List

Easily add things to your shopping list anytime by clicking the Cart button. Check your shopping list when you're out during the week or save it up for that one big weekly shop. Once you've bought your items tick them off to get them back into your Pantry.

Never Run Out Of Meal Ideas!

Bored with what you cook all the time? Let the AI Meal generator suggest something different. Just click the meal generator button and AI will generate 3 simple meal ideas for you for that food item.

Never Let Food Go To Waste Again

Let's face it, we've all had those mushrooms go bad at the back of the fridge. Now you can see everything at a glance, and use the food you have on hand to create delicious meals!
Organise your Pantry With Tana

Buy The Pantry App For Tana $7 USD

It takes time to build even small, fun templates. So in order to build a sustainable creator business I charge a small fee

Frequently asked questions

I've got answers to your most burning questions...

Do I need a Tana account to use this app?

Yes. You will need a Tana account to use the app.

Is this available for any other tools like Notion?

Unfortunately it's only available as a Tana template for now.

What if I need support to set it up?

I have included detailed written & video instructions in the template itself. But if you ever need any extra support please contact me via email

Why should I pay for this template?

Simple. As much as I love making templates for Tana, it also takes time to create templates, documentation and give support. So to sustain myself as a creator, I ask for a small fee.

Ready To Organise & Track Your Pantry With Tana?

Track everything in your pantry, get AI generated meal ideas & never waste food again!
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