The Timewise Time Tracker

Track the time you spend on tasks, view timesheets & generate timesheet reports using the magic of AI in Tana.

Forget about using external time-tracking apps. You keep your tasks in Tana, you should be able to track your time in Tana too!
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Bring Your Work & Knowledge Together Into One Streamlined Work Management Platform

Managing modern work can be messy. You've often got several apps for managing different processes or you've built 1000 spreadsheets you can't keep up with and don't do exactly what you need.

What you need is all your work in one place, where everyone on your team is on the same page & working with the same knowledge.

Modern work is a combination of knowledge + work + processes & you need all of that together in one streamlined systems.

I offer several services to help you bring all of this work together so you can work more efficiently, ship work faster & build a happier more productive team.

Think of my like your Fractional Systems Officer - only cooler!

You Do The Work, Let Tana Do The Tracking

Simply Track Your Time In Tana!

Easily see where your time is being spent by tracking the time you spend on tasks in Tana

Track Time Against Tasks With The Click Of A Button

It's as simple as the click of a ⏰ button. Start working on a task click the button. Stop working on a task - click the button. Start working on it again - click the button. OK... you get it!

Record multiple time sessions on a task & Tana will add up the total time.

📋 View Your Current Day & Week Timesheets

Easily view your current day & week timesheets in the Timesheet hub. Check what you've been working on during the day, and view everything you've accomplished during the week.

Generate Timesheet Reports using AI

Gather all your timesheet in one place & generate daily & weekly reports for clients, bosses or just for your own review.

Plug It In To Your Existing Tana Task System

TimeWise is designed as a kind of 'Plug-In Template' so it will work on top of any current task system you already have set up in Tana. That means no duplicated task Supertags or complicated configurations. And it'll take you less than 5 minutes to set up.

AI Powered Tana Template

This is an AI Powered Template, so you will need to have AI For Builders switched on in your Tana workspace and a valid OpenAI API key to use.
Throw Away Your External Time Tracking Apps!

Access The Timewise Time Tracker For Tana

Track the time you spend on tasks, view timesheets & generate timesheet reports using the magic of AI in Tana.
Track Time Against Tasks
Just click a button to start tracking your time. Let Tana AI do the rest of the work.
Generate Timesheet Reports
Use the magic of AI to generate daily & weekly timesheet reports for standups or reporting to clients.
Works With Any Task Supertag
Plug it into your existing task supertag and you're ready to track your time!
PS. This template is part of the Tana Fast Track Course. If you are a course member, you can go to Circle and grab your copy. If you want to become a member of Tana Fast Track, click here.

Timewise Time Tracker

Buy Now $7 USD
Tana Template For Tracking Your Time On Tasks
Easily Track Your Time With The Click of A Button In Tana
Track Multiple Time Session per task
Track time with the click of a button
Track daily & weekly timesheets
Create AI Timesheet reports
Works with your existing Task Supertag
Full Documentions, Setup & Support included
Install The Tana Template

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Tana account to use this template?

Yes, you need an existing Tana account to use this template

I have my own task management supertag, will I have to create a new one to use the template?

Nope. The Timewise tracker works with any existing supertag you have for organising your tasks. Simply extend your current supertag to the timed task tag provided in the template.

Do I need Tana AI to use this template.

Yes, you need to have enabled AI for Builders in Tana and have an OpenAI API Key setup. It really is very simple to setup & inexpensive. Plus I'll walk you through how to do it in the setup instructions.

Can you provide a Tana invite?

Unfortunately, I can't provide a Tana invite with this free template. However, if you are on the waitlist & join the Tana community you'll jump to the head of the queue.