How I Turned A PKM Tool Into My Own Personal Coach

Ev Chapman
January 3, 2023

When I'm not creating content for the internet I'm a marketing coach.

It took me a long time to embrace the role of coach in my life. When I first got started I thought I was supposed to have all the answers and that was why my clients were coming to me.

But what I realised is the best coaches are actually just really good conversation partners.

These days most of my coaching calls go like this... I ask questions & listen for answers. And usually, my clients end up at their own answers through this process. And all I do is affirm them and give them my experts 'permission slip.'

I believe a coach is one of the most powerful growth tools in life.

But we can't have a coach 24/7 for every area of our life. Which is why I built my own coach in my PKM tool. If I'm having a bad day my PKM coach is there to help me through. It asks me questions, provides me with prompts, asks me to think through things & quite often coaches me towards the answers.

Here are a few coaching opportunities I have built into my PKM:

Wellbeing. Every day my Personal PKM Coach asks me 'Are You Looking After Yourself Today?' Depending on my answer my coach provides me with some activities to do.

Roadblocks. When I'm procrastinating on tasks my Personal PKM Coach asks me 'What's the roadblock' and then provides me with some solutions to get going again.

Content.  Content is my craft and I'm always looking to improve. So my Personal PKM Coach asks me questions like 'What are you really trying to say here?' & 'Could you word this paragraph better?'

In short, a Personal PKM Coach can be an invaluable part of your growth strategy for 2023.

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