How To Keep A Full Writing Inbox (That Serves You Inspiration Everyday)

Ev Chapman
August 10, 2023

My Writing Inbox is one inbox I prefer full not empty

I remember I had wanted to start a 'thinking' habit for years. But each time I sat down to think my mind would wander, I would get distracted and no ideas ever came out.

I couldn't figure out how to tap into that well of creativity I knew was in my head.

Turns out I was missing two important ingredients to turn my struggling 'thinking' practice into a thriving 'think-writing' practice:

- Writing: I discovered writing is a conduit for thinking and...
- Prompts
: Our mind needs something to focus on to get us started

Once I combined thinking+writing+prompts my ideas unlocked

So back to the full inbox situation... You'll never build a consistent think-writing practice if you don't continually fill your writing inbox with inspiration.Inspiration doesn't happen by accident. You literally have to create ways to bump into it.

So If You're Just Getting Started Here are 3 Ways to Fill Your Writing Inbox FAST

1. Readwise Highlights

Do you use Readwise to highlight quotes from books & articles? Grab your highlights & get them into a note-taking app (or if you don't use Readwise, grab the latest book you read and start working through each highlight)

2. Twitter Bookmarks

We ALL have a million Twitter bookmarks that we have saved. Each one makes for a great prompt to write about. So open up that dusty bookmarks folder & choose one each day.

3. Evernote (aka your old notebooks)

I know everyone has a hidden notebook somewhere... that old Evernote account, apple notes, a dusty notebook at the back of the bookcase. Grab it out and find some old notes you've captured.

All you have to do is pull everything into one place and set up a time to start your think-writing practice.

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How To Keep A Full Writing Inbox (That Serves You Inspiration Everyday)

My Writing Inbox is one inbox I prefer full not empty
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