How To Sell Digital Products On Auto-Pilot (Without Relying On Constant Launches)

Ev Chapman
August 30, 2023

You don't need a million-dollar launch to have a successful digital product.

I've sold over $80k worth of digital products over the last 3 years and only 25% of that has come in during a launch period.Sure launches look impressive. Especially when you see those screenshots of payment notifications flooding inboxes or Gumroad screenshots with $100k sales.

But they are the outliers rather than the rule.

The truth is. I hate launches. They stress me out. So I designed my business to not have to rely on them. Instead, I wanted a way to sell my products on auto-pilot instead.

Four Ways To Sell Your Digital Products On Auto-Pilot

My Newsletter

After I launched my Consumer 2 Creator template I was frustrated because I wasn't making any more sales. A coach I had at the time said "Are you mentioning it in your newsletter?"I wasn't.Since then every week in my newsletter I mention one of my products. And most weeks I make sales. Lesson: Always give people an invitation to buy.

Link In Bio

Most people have one single link in their profile that funnels everyone into a newsletter. Those people are optimising for launches. They work on building a big enough list & then launch a product.But if you want to sell on auto-pilot expand your link in bio to include your main product as well.

Connect Your Content To Your Products

If you want people to keep buying your products, you have to keep talking about them. I do this by connecting my products to big ideas I create content about. That means anytime I create a post or email or some type of content about that particular big idea, I can mention my product. It's easy to add a quick... PS. If you want help with this I have this product that can help you.

Blatant promotion

I confess I'm really bad at this. And it comes down to a mindset shift I constantly have to make:  You're not annoying or bothering people by promoting your product. And here is the best part. Every time I do promote a product, I get sales. Of course, you need to have a balance between content & promotion.  But in my opinion, most people could double their promotional posts & it wouldn't hurt them in the slightest.

Don't let the fear of launches hold you back from launching digital products.

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You don't need a million-dollar launch to have a successful digital product.
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