How to Stop Overthinking Notes & Why The Best Tool Is the One You're Using

Ev Chapman
September 12, 2021
4 min read


Welcome to The Weekly 3x3 By Ev | Edition 14 🎉

It's been a busy week of being featured in things 😄. I got to speak To Asim from The Mighty Creators Podcast about how you can transform yourself from a consumer into a creator. And then just yesterday was featured in Coffee & Pens Prolific Writers Special alongside some other very special writers. I'm always honoured to be asked on podcasts or interviews. Hope you can get value from both.

Now, let's dive in to this week's newsletter...

⚡️ 3 Things I Created.

This week I wrote about Why You Don't Need Shiny Apps For Note-taking. Instead, you need to get clear on your process by writing an idea manifesto. And How I Became A Prolific Reader By Embracing Different Formats: Real Life, Digital & Audio.

And just this morning I was in the mood to write something long, so I put together my Overthinkers Guide To Writing Your First Notes In Your Zettelkasten. If you've ever wanted to peek inside my Zettelkasten notes, this article is your chance.

👉 Catch up on all my essays here

💻 3 Things I Consumed.

To get your brain firing, here are some things I've read this week from around the internet that I've found interesting...

[BOOK] The Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy & Sleep Well Every Night by Dr Satchin Panda

I have been enthralled by this book all week, so much so I haven't read much else. Much of our modern life disrupts our natural circadian code which can lead to some pretty serious consequences. And how some simple behavioural changes can get us back into our natural rhythm.

👉 Grab It Here

[ARTICLE] Putting Time In Perspective

This is an old article for the internet, but new to me. It's easy to focus on the moments in our life and feel like they are big, but seeing how small our actual lives are in comparison to time really helps me to remember we are part of something much bigger.

👉 Read here

[ARTICLE] Roamkasten: A practical how-to guide to optimise Zettelaksten in Roam Research

Whatever tool you use for Zettelkasten this article is a great deep dive into the system of Zettelkasten. You'll probably like it even more if you use Roam to make your Zettelkasten happen. If you don't, ignore the all the #roamcult stuff 😂

👉 Read here

🐦 3 Tweets I Bookmarked This Week

It's easy to see big numbers on the internet and still be disappointed. But imagine getting 1000 people into a room in real life or even 100? A really great tweet from @heyandrewc to get things in perspective.

My friend @jessejanderson went viral this week, with a simple thread on his experience with ADHD.

This caught my attention from @TomKealy2 on the German concept of 'feirabend.' That if you're in the office past closing time, you're doing something wrong, not right.

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