How To Turn Your Content Into A Digital Product And Make $$$

Ev Chapman
June 19, 2021

I believe if you are creating  & publishing online everyday, then you can build and sell a product.

I've been writing online for the past 80 days. Not about one specific thing, but about a lot of little things. I've built an audience over that time. I've built credibility as a creator. And I've followed the signals to create products that my audience wants.

None of that was the plan. I just wanted to write everyday. But when you follow the signals, fun things happen.

Why build something?

Because the internet has unlimited leverage and you can literally make money in your sleep. No this is not a get rich quick scheme. It's the power of leveraging the internet and your audience.

What Kind Of Product Could You Build?

  • Guide
  • Course
  • Template
  • Ebook
  • Workshop/Webinar
  • Curated Resource List
  • Swipe File
  • Paid Newsletter

Think Of Yourself As A Guide

If you can't think of yourself as an expert, then think of yourself as a guide instead. I am by far not an expert in habit formation. But I've had experience doing 30-day self-improvement experiments on myself. So why shouldn't I guide people who want to do the same?

When I started writing about experimenting on myself, people were interested to hear more. So I wrote more. And when I threw all those essays into a Notion page they equalled 4000 words. Now those 4000 words are a finished guide on how to perform experience and people are eagerly awaiting it's launch.

People aren't always looking for experts, sometimes they are looking for a guide.

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