I Turned My Phone Into The Ultimate Knowledge Management System

Ev Chapman
December 15, 2021
2 min read

Our phones can be a huge distraction when it comes to not only productivity but also being fully engaged with life.

Most advice I hear when it comes to phones is just to have more self-discipline. But what if instead, we turned out phones into the ultimate knowledge management device? And instead of getting distracted by Twitter, we instead reached for a book or podcast or article?

That's what I did this year & I've been able to consume more than ever, which has helped me be a better creator.

Here's how I turned my phone into the ultimate knowledge management machine:

Remove All Apps From The Home screen. Hide every app you have in the app drawer. This is an instant point of friction for your brain and you'll be less tempted to go for Twitter or Instagram.

Keep what you want to consume front & centre. I have three widgets on my homesecreen that show up as soon as I open my phone. So instead of being tempted by Twitter, I dive into them instead:

  • Kindle - My latest Kindle book
  • Audible - My Current listens
  • Castro - UpNext Podcasts

Keep apps for short form content close. On my second home screen I keep read it later & short form content apps. My full library lives in Roam but I also keep some things in Matter & Up Next, as well as Racket & Medium so I can quickly find something to consume if I'm out and about and have a minute.

Cold Turkey is terrible strategy & most people fail at it. Instead try changing your habits around using your phone to be more intentional for what you want to do more of. You'll find yourself quickly doing less of the distracting things.


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