It's 2021. The Content Consumption Game Has Changed, Have You?

Ev Chapman
July 20, 2021

I'm a rebel when it comes to consuming content.

A conversation with Harshit last night highlighted that I've come to view content consumption fundamentally different to most people. Here are three of my rebel views (any more and you might take me out and shoot me as a heretic 🤪)

Slow It Down

I'm not obsessed with the quantity I read. I'm not counting the number of pages, or the number of books. My outcome when consuming content is simply to extract the gold. I want to find what resonates & lights up my mind with new ideas. As long as I've achieved that outcome it doesn't matter how many pages I read today.

Instead Of Focusing On The Quantity I Read, I Consume To extract the gold

Mix It Up

It's no secret that I love to read multiple books at a time. Harshit asked me if that ever gets confusing. The truth is that the mix is where the magic happens. I'm not trying to fit everything into neat little piles, I want to mix the white socks with the red ones and see what fun we can be had.

Instead Of Creating Neat Little Categories Of Ideas, I consume To Find The Magic

Dance With Ideas

How can I find a flow if I'm constantly stopping to take notes? Simple, I'm not looking to find flow in the text. I came to dance with the ideas. If that means I read one paragraph that sparks a new idea, that's totally ok with me because that is the very reason I showed up.

Instead Of Finding A Reading Flow, I consume To Dance with the ideas

Is it time you considered why you consume content?

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