Put The Shiny App Down and Read This Instead

Ev Chapman
September 10, 2021
1 min read

You don't actually need a fancy note-taking system to get your notes and ideas organised.

There are so many tools for thought and note-taking tools out there these days that it's can be easy to think it's about the tool rather than the system. When we are not clear on our system it's easy to go chasing new shiny apps.

Stop before you download that shiny new app and & take 5 minutes to think about how YOU work.

I'm not talking about some complicated Venn diagram. This simple Workflow Taxonomy from Maggie Appleton is a beautiful example of how ideas move through her Digital Garden and it got me inspired to write out my process.

My Idea Workflow

Maggie inspired me to write my own, which sits pinned in my Roam sidebar so I'm constantly reminded that it's the system that makes the magic, not the tool.


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