The Evergreen Creator Funnel That Makes $2k Every Month

Ev Chapman
June 30, 2022
2 min read

I spent a ridiculous amount of time last year launching products.

I think there were 11 in total. Launches are fun (when they work). And they provide a nice windfall of cash.

But when I wasn't launching... no one was buying.

So this year I wanted to build a more sustainable creator business that didn't include me launching something new every month or constantly having made up 'sales' to entice people to buy my products.

This is the process I use to sell my evergreen creator products:

Create content. At the very top of the funnel, I show up everyday and create content that makes people curious enough (hopefully) to head to my profile

Optimise My Profile. I spend time optimising my profile for two things: follows & email sign-ups. Followers will continue to see my content if the algorithm gods allow) and I know that 10% of people who sign up to my email list eventually go on to buy something.

Send A Weekly Email. I send a simple newsletter once a week with a wrap-up of content from that week. At the end, I include a quick promo of one of my products and an invitation to purchase.

Keep in mind I'm a second-year creator, so it can take some time to build this. But in the end. it's a really simple funnel that amounts to a sale most days and an average of about $2k sales every month. Sure, I'm not quitting my job with it, but I'm also not busting my butt to launch something every month either.

The best part is that I can focus on what I love to do, which is create content, and I trust that the rest of the funnel will work it's magic as a result.

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