This ONE PAGE will instantly make you a more productive person

Ev Chapman
August 23, 2021

Starting from scratch is overrated.

Every day we do things that we've done a hundred times before. We write emails, plan our weeks, write these essays, research, write newsletters. And most of the time we stare at a blank screen and start from scratch.

Wouldn't it be easier if we had a starter?

A few months ago I decided to start making my own Kombucha. Every Kombucha batch needs a starter (called a SCOBY) which introduces the bacteria needed to make the tea ferment.

You can make your own SCOBY, but it's much easier to go online and buy a starter kit. That's what I did and two weeks later I was drinking a fresh batch of Kombucha.

Build Your Personal Starter Kit

So what if Instead of trying to start everything from scratch, we built a starter kit for our lives that helped us get more done with less effort?

Here's how to get started:

  • Open up whatever system you use to get work done with and start a new page called 'Start Here.'
  • Each time you work on a task note down the steps or the process as headings. For instance, my newsletter starter has three headings: Three essays, three articles, three tweets. That's what I need to start my newsletter each week.
  • Every time you go to do a new task open your Start Here page to see if you have a starter template. If you do, use it. If not, begin building one.
  • In time you can get fancy with templates or keyboard shortcuts using TextExpander. But for now, just focus on documenting everything in your Start Here Page.

Quickly your Starter Kit will begin to compound as you document and build your library of knowledge.

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