This Will Make You A More Prolific Reader

Ev Chapman
September 8, 2021
1 min read

Kindle, Real Books or Audio Books?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on what is the best reading medium these days. But what if we didn't have to choose? Here's how I use all three mediums.

Kindle Books

I find Kindle best for any books that I know are going to be 'heavy' on note-taking for one simple reason. Resting my iPad on my desk is much less awkward than trying to balance keeping a book open and taking notes at the same time.

Currently Reading: The Circadian Code by Dr Satchin Panda

'Real Books'

I tend to read paper books after 8 pm when I turn my screen off or if I'm at the beach. So I choose less 'heavy' note-taking type books. Fiction is an obvious choice. But I also choose lighter non-fiction book that I can take a few notes in the margins and transfer them when I'm back at the computer.

Currently Reading: Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Audio Books

I reserve audiobooks for any screen-free breaks throughout the day as well as after 8 pm when I turn screens off.

I haven't been a huge fan of audiobooks. I suspect it was because I was trying to listen to 'heavy' note-taking books when audio lends itself to a lighter read with a softer focus. So now I choose story-based books or biographies which are just really enjoyable to listen to.

Currently Listening to: The Cult Of We by Elliot Brown & Maureen Farrell

Knowing what books I'll consume also helps my brain know what mode I'm in.  If I'm in my Kindle it signals to my brain a deeper focus compared to listening to an audiobook where it can wander a little.

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