Why You Need A Minimum Viable Day To Fall Back On

Ev Chapman
August 16, 2021

Some days just don't go to plan

Like today. There's nothing like waking up on a Monday morning ready to start a fresh week and instead be greeted at 6:30am with a message from a coworker informing me their Facebook Account had been hacked. And now our business manager was hacked, and all of the ad accounts of our clients were now hacked.

Like I said, some days just don't go to plan

It's days like today that I give myself permission to ship a minimum viable day. In the startup world, there is this concept known as MVP. A minimum viable product is the very basic level of product enough to get it out into the market and get some traction on it.

A minimum viable day on the other hand is a day where you strip everything back to the bare essentials just to keep the momentum going, without stopping altogether.

Today I shipped a minimum viable day:

👉 I couldn't prep all my meals, so I used an emergency meal in the freezer to keep the momentum on my nutrition

👉 I couldn't get out for my walk, so I set up my mat in the sun after lunch and just did 20 minutes of stretch

👉 My work plan went out the window, but I still jumped on a call with my assistant to delegate some things to her

👉 My sacred hours were rudely interrupted by hackers, so I'm shipping an essay idea I actually had in my archives today (which actually worked out kind of well).

Just because things don't go as planned, doesn't mean you need to lose momentum. Create a minimum viable day for yourself that you can put into action when things aren't going exactly to plan.

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