You 100% Don't Need More Information To Get Started

Ev Chapman
March 28, 2022
2 min read

I coach clients for a living

Both one on one & in group situations. Every coaching call clients jump on, ask questions, get clear and I send them away with an action plan to work on.

Some clients get laser-focused on their action list. They put their head down and start doing the work. Other clients go and talk to friends, coworkers, and their mother's brother's cousin. They keep collecting more advice and opinions on what they should do.

Most often the second group end up doing nothing EVEN THOUGH they have collected more ideas and advice. They come back next month just as confused as before.

They are simply overwhelmed by all information.

I see a similar thing happen here on Twitter and in the communities I am a part of. Rather than just go and put our head down and do the work, we have a tendency to keep collecting more opinions, reading more articles, saving more tweets, watching more tutorials.

And the more you collect, the more overwhelmed you get.

The internet makes it easy for every man and his dog to have an opinion and give you advice. Heck, you're reading this essay as I give you advice!

But at some point, you are going to need to stop scrolling, shut out all the noise and just get going on what you know you should do.

Will you make mistakes? Yep

Will you have it all figured out? No

Will you fail? Probably.

But you'll never actually win if all you do is keep collecting opinions & ideas.

So stop scrolling, and start taking action.

No, I'm serious, don't keep reading.

Have you closed the essay yet?

C'mon guys, don't keep scrolling.

Go do the thing. Get in the game. Take action.

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