4 Ways Deliberate Practice Can Make You A Better Creator

Ev Chapman
March 16, 2022
2 min read

I'm fanatical about showing up daily

I wholeheartedly believe the more you show up the better you'll become. Not because you do the same thing over again, but because each time you do it you learn and adjust.

Consider Michael Jordan. When he was cut from the varsity team because he wasn't good enough, he went home and continued to practice shooting baskets all day long. If he missed a shot, he would figure out what went wrong, adjust and try again.

Here Is How To Get 1% Better Daily Through Deliberate Practice:

Show Up. You can only read so many books, do so many courses. Eventually you'll have to get in the arena and take action. And in fact the faster you do the quicker you'll learn. Michael Jordan knew he wasn't good enough by trying out. And then he practiced over and over again until he was better.

Take Notice. Of course doing the same thing over and over again is insanity. The key is to take notice when things go right and to take notice when things go wrong. Then adjust. Did one piece of content do better than most? Ask yourself why?

Make Adjustments. This is the key to this whole process in my opinion. Take what you notice and make assumptions. Was it the topic that hit, or the format. Now use your assumption & test it out.

Try Again. Take the assumptions you've made and try it again. This is why showing up daily can be so powerful for deliberate practice - because you can learn and adjust quickly. If you are only practicing once a week it is going to be a much slower process.

And this is the process you repeat day in and day out for the rest of your days

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