A Creators Gentle, Unhurried Holiday Routine

Ev Chapman
December 23, 2022
2 min read

I'm logged off from my full-time job for the next 3 and a half weeks 🙌

And while I love my job, as a part-time creator times like these are bliss. No juggling commitments, just lots of time & space to work on 'creator things.'

But if I'm not careful I can go full-on into creator mode without taking a breath or you know... resting. Finding a balance between rest & work has always been a struggle.

How I'm Planning To Use My Creative Downtime:

Going Slower. After all, I'm on holidays, so I plan to live life at a slower pace for the next 3 weeks. No alarms, no rushing.

Rest. Of course, I want to go full steam ahead into creating things, but I know in the long term I'm better with rest. So I'm planning on beach days, more sleep & enjoying the season.

Creating Space. In the hustle & bustle of the year, life can get cramped. I'm pushing all commitments back and sitting in the expansiveness.

Working on things I love. When you work on things you love it rarely feels like work. So while I have time, space & energy I'm working on some things that really light me up.

Getting Ahead. I plan to get ahead with some writing & video creation. Time off is a great way to line some things up so when the year starts again you're already ahead.

Edit & Recalibrate. Once all the noise, the busy-ness & commitments die down I'll be thinking deeply about the year ahead. Editing out anything unnecessary, recalibrating everything in line with my intentions.

Most of all, whether I work or rest I want to hold a position of easy-going unhurriedness.

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