Consistency Is A Skill

Ev Chapman
June 9, 2022
5 min read

Consistency is a skill... One I thought I'd never build.Until I did.

If you want to be more consistent as a creator, read on 👇

I spent years beating myself up for not being consistent as a creator (& I still beat myself up for going months between Youtube videos!)

The only place I've found consistency is here on Twitter... where I show up everyday, here's a few of my secrets to consistency👇

Do What You Love

Above all, find something you love doing. I love writing. It's zero friction for me. I don't need to put make up on, make sure I know my script or show up looking amazing.

I just have to write and that's relatively easy for me.

Plan Your Week

I work a full-time job as well as showing up as a creator each day, so if I don't do a little planning at the beginning of my week I'm a hot mess running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done!

Choose a list of ideas to work on

In a quiet moment on the weekend choose a list of ideas you can get excited about. As in you are so passionate about them you would drop everything you are doing right now to create them. If it doesn't spark you, don't even bother.

Brain Dump as much as you can

Once you've got a list of ideas that are irresistible, set a timer & get as much as you can down about them.

You'll be thanking me for this once the chaos of your week sets in and you have something to work with rather than just a blank page.

Show up at the same time each day

@austinkleon says "But if you have a sacred place and use it, something will eventually happen." Choose a time when you can reliably show up. I show up at my laptop at 5am with a cup of coffee each morning and things happen.

Show Up Early To The Appointments you set with yourself

It's funny how we'll move heaven & earth to make appointments with others, but when it comes to ourselves we often bail.

🛑 Stop doing that.

Show up early for your writing appointment with yourself.

Choose the BIG easy

How do I manage to publish everyday? I ask myself three simple questions:

👉 Does this spark me?

👉 How much brain dump do I have on this?

👉 Do I have energy for this? If it's a YES, YES, YES I publish it.

It's easy. And that's the secret to consistency.

Make the decision once, not everyday

I wrote everyday for 300 days in a row. It was easy because I didn't have to make the decision to do it every day. I made the decision one time in the beginning. Make a commitment to yourself

Movement creates motivation

You don't have to arrive at some destination to feel motivated. It's often the movement towards it that is most motivation. So get good at taking tiny steps - and you'll find yourself much more motivated (aka consistent) each day.

Celebrate every win (no matter how small)

I've learned to celebrate everything. This creator gig can be tough, so celebrate every time you hit publish, every time you sit down for your sacred ritual.

Hell, celebrate every failure.

Everyday you show up is a win ⭐️

Remember: New things feel awkward at first

Every time you start something new it's going to feel awkward. But the more you do it the more it starts to feel natural - so embrace the awkward feeling and keep going.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that consistency doesn't need to be hard.

Find something you love doing

Find ways to show up that work for you

Do it for yourself, no one else

Then once you build some consistency you can add harder things.

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