How I Prepare My Creator Week Like A Chef Prepares For Service

Ev Chapman
April 11, 2022
2 min read

Every Sunday after I've done my meal prep for the week, I do my creator prep.

Just like a chef might sit down and prepare the menu for the following day or week, I sit down and prepare my menu for the week. Rather than run around each day like a crazy person in my creator kitchen, I take the time to prepare the menu & my ingredients so I can gracefully and effortlessly push out plate after plate of content.

Here's how I prep my creator week like a chef preps for service:

Plan Your Menu. Every Sunday I choose a shortlist of essays to work on throughout that week. It's not a 'content calendar' it's just a loose list of ideas that I'm excited about writing. I call this my 'Up Next' Pile - my menu of items for the week.

Prep the Ingredients. Once I know my menu, it's time to prep the ingredients. The first thing I do is a big brain dump of everything that is on my mind about each of the ideas. Then, I go to my notes library and find anything that will support that idea. And finally, I do a quick outline. All of this means that even if I have zero energy throughout the week I can still hit publish.

Plate it up. Now during the week, it's service time. Everything is prepped and it's all about plating it up. The writing & the thinking has already been done when I'm brain dumping or through my library of notes. So I spend a little time constructing things from the raw materials.

This has 100% been the key to me being able to publish so much over the past year. Prepare like a chef, so you can enjoy the process.

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