How I Structure My Daily Writing Sessions To Unlock My Ideas

Ev Chapman
August 7, 2023

One daily habit pulled me out of years of inconsistency as a creator... Establishing a Daily Spark Writing Practice.

I've always had a million ideas in my head that I wanted to write about

But each time I sat down to write content they always seemed to stay stuck swirling around in my head, rather than published on the pages of the internet.

So I stopped pressuring my ideas to 'be content.' Instead, I explore the ideas through my Spark Writing - and now the ideas flow freely - and so does the content.

It unlocked my brain

Here's How I Structure My Spark Writing Sessions To Unlock A World Of Ideas From My Brain:

1. Brainstorm A Spark Idea

My Spark Inbox is FULL of ideas that I have dumped in from various sources. Books I'm reading, tweets that have inspired me, random ideas from my walks.Each morning the first thing I do is pull a random idea that interests me from the pile & start emptying my head. I write & explore the idea until I don't have anything left. Then I give it a name & move it into my 'charging' pile.

2. Potter Around Charging Ideas

I find once you've brainstormed an idea it needs some to simmer on the back-burners for a bit. To let all that curious, creative energy settle. I always have a bunch of ideas 'charging' up like this.

So the second part of my practice is to go through the charging pile & potter around for a bit. Adding some spice, mixing ideas and letting the flavour of an idea infuse together.

3. Test a Surging Idea

Once ideas have spent some time charging they are ready to be tested out publicly. I call this category of notes my 'Surging Ideas.'

And so the last thing I do in a spark writing session is distill one of my surging ideas into a micro piece of content (usually a tweet) that I put in my content bank ready for the next time I go to plan my content.

Establishing a daily spark writing practice means you'll always have a runway full of ideas at different stages that are ready to take off when they are ready.

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How I Structure My Daily Writing Sessions To Unlock My Ideas

One daily habit pulled me out of years of inconsistency as a creator... Establishing a Daily Spark Writing Practice.
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