How To Create Bullet Journal Collections In Tana: The Ultimate Guide

Ev Chapman
November 8, 2023

Bullet Journal collections are a great way to track & organise just about anything. But once you build quite a few collections tracking them all in paper notebooks can get tiresome. Tana almost seems purpose built for Bullet Journal collections. With it's built in supertags and live searches it is so easy to set up any number of collections, get things in fast & then equally find things easily.

In this video I talk about why Tana is so great for bullet journalling, how to build your bullet journal collections and some fun Tana Tricks that your paper bullet journal just can't do.


00:00 Introduction
00:23 What is Bullet Journalling?
01:12 Why Use Tana For Bullet Journal Collections?
02:05 How To Setup A Bullet Journal Collection
07:18 Add new items from anywhere
08:04 Pin Your Collection Hub To The Sibebar
08:41 Configure Supertags With Fields
09:04 Configure your views & live searches

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How To Create Bullet Journal Collections In Tana: The Ultimate Guide

Bullet Journal collections are a great way to track & organise just about anything. In this video I show you why Tana is purpose built for bullet journalling (& how to setup your own collections in Tana).
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