How To Create Your Own Tana Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (& remember them!)

Ev Chapman
March 24, 2023

The fastest way to get around in Tana is using the keyboard. Also, the most tedious way to use Tana is to open nodes, click into fields & make changes. So did you know you can create own Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Tana for the functions you use most often?I have found that most people never take the time to customise their apps (like with custom shortcuts) because they either don't know how, or they just get busy doing things the way they've always done it. But by making things easier & quicker for yourself you're more likely to make Tana stick.So in today's video, I want to show you how you can create custom shortcuts, how to structure your shortcuts with similar keys for similar workflows & how to never forget a shortcut again!


00:00 Introduction

01:37 How to setup keyboard shortcuts

05:29 Using Shortcuts in a workflow to plan your week

11:42 How to find your recorded shortcuts

12:38 Creating a Keyboard Shortcut Supertag

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