How To Design Your Day As A Creative Person: Maker Time V Manager Time

Ev Chapman
November 15, 2022
0 min read

Do you find it hard to get anything done if you have a meeting scheduled in the middle of your morning? You're probably a maker (I find most creative people are).  And the problem is that most of us creatives work with a bunch of managers who can compartmentalise their day into one-hour chunks.

In this video I give you four tips on how to get more maker time in your schedule even if you work with a bunch of makers. Guaranteed you'll design a better working environment and be less stressed about that upcoming meeting.


00:00 Introduction

00:41 What is maker time?

02:12 Own Your Schedule

03:21 Talk to people about how you work

04:56 Balance maker & manager time

05:45 Respect Your Boundaries

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