How To Get Through Hard Days By Leaning On Past Experience

Ev Chapman
July 14, 2021

Hello dear friend, the dip. We meet again.

Not going to lie, this last week has been a bit hard. I'm feeling a bit low energy, struggling to write & finding it hard to engage with people in a meaningful way. I've been asking myself why? Is it because I'm coming off the back of 3 product launches? Maybe it's because we're 3 weeks into what looks like a long lockdown in Sydney?

Or have I just hit the DIP?

The first time I experienced the dip was in my first cohort (now over 70 days ago). I was one of those naive ones thinking I was different from everyone else and couldn't possibly struggle with writing. I remember it clear as day. Day 14 and it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I even drafted an essay of all the reasons why shipping daily was stupid and unrealistic and I wouldn't be continuing this madness. And then just as quickly as it came it had gone again. Three days later I hit publish on why I'll continue shipping forever.

The only difference in experiencing it for the second time is that I have the experience to know how good it is on the other side. And so I continue writing.

Sometimes things are hard

Sometimes they are boring

Sometimes they are repetitive

But that doesn't mean you should stop doing them. All I know is that sometime in the future this too shall pass and I'll be riding the wave of creativity and momentum again. Not every day as a creator can be at the excitement level of day 100. Sometimes it day 108 and you're just writing about not wanting to write.

And that's OK.

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