I'm Not Formally Qualified To Be Doing Any Of This 😱

Ev Chapman
July 3, 2021

Traditional schooling needs a major overhaul

Throughout my last 2 years of high school, I sat in Maths class boycotting the fact that it wasn't a required subject, but our school had made it required for us. Day after day I argued with my teacher about how utterly worthless it was for me to be learning any of these concepts that I would NEVER need to know in real life.

Needless to say I'm not university trained

The only formal qualification I have is a Diploma of Theology from a local college where my lecturers begged me to upgrade to a graduate degree level. I wasn't interested... I wanted to get out into the world and DO THINGS.

I've never been interested in being book smart.

I quit a pretty comfortable job to become a freelancer with no qualifications and no experience 10 years ago. That led me into marketing which I have no degree or qualifications in, and yet people pay me to coach them on how to market & grow their business. Why are they paying me instead of some hotshot marketing graduate?

Because I have SKIN IN THE GAME

Traditional schooling will tell you you need to get educated > beg for experience > find a job and stay there. That might still be the way for some professional careers. But it just doesn't cut it in the growing creator economy.

To succeed in the creator economy you'll need to enroll in the university of life. Where we do cool things > learn as we go > people notice and pay us money > and we create a job for ourselves.

And the only qualification you need? Skin in the game.

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