The Non-Experts Guide To Getting Started As A Creator

Ev Chapman
August 17, 2022
2 min read

I held myself back for so many years from jumping into the creator economy because I didn’t feel like an ‘expert.’

Even though anyone can turn on a camera or put words on a page we still have this mindsset that we must have something expert to say before we do.

But in the creator economy expertise is not as much a requirement as knowledge is.

Some of the most successful creators are the ones on a journey (& documenting it) rather than ones who have arrived at some pre-determined destination.

There are three types of knowledge you can leverage as a new creator:

Leverage other people’s knowledge. This is perfect for new creators who like to consume a lot of content. There is an endless amount of content on the internet, so serve others by curating the best of it for your audience. Summarise books, interview people & discover the gold that others simply don’t have time to find.

Leverage What You Are Learning. This is our build/learn/create in public crowd. Make a commitment to learn something and document what you learn. The benefit of being this type of creator is you build an audience through relatability, building a line of sojourners who are coming up just behind you.

Leverage What You Already Know. Of course, you might BE an expert in a particular topic area. And if so - share your knowledge! You don’t have to wait for that book deal or speaking engagement, the internet is your playground.

You don’t have to be an expert to get started as a creator. Start by leveraging the knowledge you have right now and you’ll be well on your way.

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