You're Wasting Your Best Content On Social Media Feeds.

Ev Chapman
June 6, 2022
2 min read

Most creators let their best content get lost in social media feeds never to be seen again.

Rather than simply throwing your content into the stream of social media feeds to let it drift away into the anals of the algorithm, what if you could build a library of leveraged content. Here's how...

Write a lot on one platform first. If you're a writer, Twitter or LinkedIn is a great place to start. If you like videos you might try Youtube. If you are an illustrator Instagram might be your place. Focus on building a library of content.

Analyse Your Content. I have an automation setup that brings everything I write on Twitter into one Notion Database. From there I categorise it and record the analytics for each post. This becomes my content library I can sort & search through (rather than frantically trying to find a needle in a haystack in the feed.)

Pay Attention to the signals. Each week I go through the posts from the previous week and look for the ones that are resonating the most according to likes, comments, retweets and engagement rate. This gives me clues as to what kind of content is working which I use to create new content ideas.

Let your best content rise. My best performing tweets become atomic essays, my best atomic essays become articles, articles become whatever you want. Test ideas & see what resonates at each level.

Re-Use Your best Content. Once you've built a significant library of content then it's time to expand onto other platforms. Instead of coming up with new ideas, go back and find your best performing content and repurpose that onto new platforms.

Stop letting good content disappear into the archives of social media algorithms. Start building a leveraged library of content.

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