Exactly How I Grew My Twitter Audience From 500-1600 in 100 Days

Ev Chapman
July 15, 2021

I grew my Twitter following from 500 to 1600 in 100 days 🤯

No hacks, no tricks. Just genuine human connection.

This is how I manage it all while working a full-time job, creating daily content on the internet & trying to have a life 🤪

Stop using the Twitter app

Social apps are designed to give you a dopamine hit every time you open them. But most notifications are unhelpful for building an audience.

Focus on real engagement, not vanity metrics.

🙅🏼‍♀️ Never scroll Twitter casually

Real connections lead to authentic growth. So always be ready to connect when you are connecting to the platform.

⚡️Leave meaningful comments

⚡️Ask questions

⚡️Slide into DM

🙌 Follow everyone back

If you're precious about curating your feed > Switch to lists (see next tweet)

If you're precious about your follower to following ratio > Get over yourself

Remember, every number is a real person. And Twitter is much more fun with people.

📋 Create your tribe engagement lists

The algorithm will only get you so far. Using lists will help you build intentional engagement. Here are my three private lists:

⚡️Inner Circle

⚡️Minimum Viable Tribe

⚡️New Tribe Members

⭕️ Inner Circle Tribe

These are people who have supported me and continue to cheer me on daily. I don't want to go a day without missing these people.

👉 If you can do nothing else, just scroll through this list.

Keep it small and tight

Check-In: Every Day

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Minimum Viable Tribe

This list will have the minimum amount of people you can interact with without going crazy 🤪

I have three filters for MVT:

⚡️ Interesting

⚡️ High Vibe

⚡️ Intellectually stimulating

Check-in: Most days

👋 New Tribe Members

Marie Kondo the heck out of new followers & tribe.

👉 If they bring you joy promote them to 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Minimum Viable Tribe

👉 If not, move them back into your main feed.

Check-In: Every other day

🔻 Treat Your Engagement Lists Like a Funnel

As you engage with people watch for those who really light you up and promote them up into the next list.

Manage Everything In Tweetdeck

Don't be a slave to that Twitter app, arrange everything in Tweetdeck so YOU are in control and intentional about what you see.

Here's a little sneak peek into what mine looks like

⚡️ Manage mentions away from the apps.

Don't get caught up in vanity metrics. Use Zapier to get mentions into Notion, Trello, or just a Google Spreadsheet so you can manage and sort.

Conversations are your bread and butter, don't miss them in the madness.

If you liked this quick guide to managing a growing Twitter Audience come join the party over on Twitter for more threads on handy workflows like this.

THE TLDR; Version:

Cross mark Stop using the Twitter desktop app. Use Tweetdeck White heavy check mark instead

High voltage sign Never scroll casually

Raising hands Create your engagement lists: Inner Circle, Min Viable Tribe, New Tribe

Grinning face with smiling eyes Manage mentions outside of Twitter

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