How To Find Deep Insights From Your Social Media Feeds

Ev Chapman
April 12, 2023

If you treat it right your Social Media Feeds can serve you up some of the most delicious insights & ideas.

For instance, today while casually scrolling through my Twitter feed I had three separate pretty powerful & thought-provoking insights come up.

One was something practical I want to implement, another was connected to an idea that's brewing and the third was something deeply personal that I want to explore further through journalling & writing.

And it's not unusual for me to get these kind of insights daily from my Twitter feed. In fact, I get more insights from Twitter these days than I do from books or articles.

If you're not getting insights like this regularly from your Twitter feed you're either:

  • Following the wrong people
  • Not sure how to take notice of sparks & insights
  • Or you don't have a foolproof way to capture them

How I Find Deep Insights From My Feed Daily:

Curate Your Feed. I only have one condition when deciding if I will follow someone and that is - are they interesting? I want my feed to be full of thought-provoking, interesting thoughts & ideas. Decide on some clear boundaries of what you want to see in your feed and follow only those kind of people.

Notice Sparks. Instead of mindlessly scrolling -> Start mindfully scrolling. Every time you hear yourself saying 'That's Interesting' save that tweet with a small note explaining why it's interesting. That's it. That's the spark.

Fool-Proof Capture. I have one way that I capture notes & insights - Readwise. Anything that stands out to me I DM to Readwise (if I’m on Twitter), otherwise I capture it using Matter with a quick note & it gets saved. All those notes eventually get into my Spark Inbox - which is where I spend most of my mornings thinking & writing.

I guarantee doing these three things will transform your daily experience on Twitter.

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