Why Every Creator Needs A Signature Platform

Ev Chapman
January 20, 2023

I rarely see new creators winning on multiple platforms.

The biggest creators I know have started on one platform and then as they grew they branched out onto multiple platforms. Because being a creator on a platform isn’t just about the content, it’s about understanding the platform, engaging with people and a million other different factors.

So if you’re taking a spray & pray (aka create & hit publish on ALL the platforms) approach to content you might actually be slowing down your growth.

Instead, Choose A Signature Platform

While your end game might be to dominate all the platforms (or at least a few of them). The best way to get started is to have a signature platform you create content on.

Which platform you choose is going to depend on how you naturally like to create content & ideas. I'm naturally a writer, so creating content for Twitter is second nature to me.

  • But if you like to talk you might choose TikTok or a podcast.
  • Or if you like to illustrate then it might be Instagram.

It should feel easy and fun to create content on your signature platform. Because you’re going to have to do it for a long time and do lots of it. That’s how most ‘normal’ people grow (you know the rest of us who don’t go viral, but just put in the work).

Finding something you enjoy doing is the key to doing it for the long haul.

Go All In On Your Signature Platform

It’s easy to get distracted by what other people are doing on other platforms. TikTok is the new up-and-comer, so you should be there. Twitter impressions are down and all your friends are killing it on Linked in… maybe you should be over there too.

That’s just FOMO getting to you.

The best platform to be on is the one you create naturally on and the one you stay on the longest. Honestly, the key to growth is literally just not giving up. Stay the course and I guarantee you’ll see growth.

So ignore everything else and get obsessed with the platform you’re on. Learn everything you can about how it works. Engage obsessively with the people on it. Live and breathe it every day.

Now, Choose A Secondary Platform

Once you’ve built up your reservoirs of content and you are starting to get some resonance signals on your content you can start to branch out onto secondary platforms.

You now have a bunch of content you know resonates with your primary audience. So when it comes to creating content & building an audience on your secondary platform you are going to use only your BEST performing content which you know resonates with your audience.

Using your signature platform as a content flywheel means you almost can’t fail with content on your secondary platform and it is much EASIER to create the content because you have things to use.

When should you start thinking about branching out onto a new platform? I think you should take a few things in consideration here:

  • Do you have the headspace to keep winning on your signature platform & creating content for your secondary platform?
  • Do you have a big enough bank of content from your signature platform to comfortably create content for your new platform?
  • Do you have enough audience to create consistent resonance signals (likes, comments, engagement) for your content?

How Does This Work In Reality?

Let me show you how I'm taking my Twitter content and turning them into content for Instagram (click here if you want to follow me on Instagram)…

All My Instagram Content comes from my signature platform: Twitter

Repurposed Essays into Reels.

Essays are my signature content on Twitter. I have over 300 of them in the bank and I write more most days of the week. Because I'm a writer, essays help me refine my thoughts on an idea.

And essays actually make great face-to-camera Instagram reels because they already have a hook, some context & then points. So at the end of every month, I take my top 10 performing essays from Twitter and bulk-film each of them as a reel for Instagram.

Tweet Screenshots

Tweet screenshots might be the easiest way to repurpose content from Twitter to Instagram. They make great content just as an image, but you can also put a background video on them and turn them into reels (which Instagram loves at the moment).

Again I take my top 10 performing tweets from the month and bulk create some images and reels.

Questions from Twitter

I get asked a lot of questions on Twitter. So rather than just keep that content on Twitter, I use it as content for Instagram too. I go back through the last month and look for 10 questions my audience has asked me and then I create a post or a reel answering that question.

And without too much extra work I now have 30 pieces of content I can use on the secondary platform that I can almost guarantee will resonate with my new audience.

I hope this has given you some food for thought if you’re thinking about branching out onto a new platform in 2023!

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