How To Turn 1 Tweet into 100x Content Ideas

Ev Chapman
May 3, 2023

I've been doing some type of content creation for over a decade now.

The traditional way to 'do content' that I was taught was always to produce one BIG Pillar content and then break it down into a million little pieces you can share on social media.

Here's Why That Simply Doesn't Work Anymore

  • It takes a lot of heavy lifting upfront
  • You might work on something for weeks or days and it falls flat
  • You work in the dark while the rest of the world is shouting from the rooftops
  • You usually lose momentum because you’re not getting regular dopamine hits!
  • You constantly start from a blank page.

So when it came to building a sustainable process that I could continue for the rest of my foreseeable future I turned it on its head. Instead of starting with a big project like an article, I start with a tweet.

Just one single tweet. With a single idea.

From there I watch my idea grow. I listen for signals of resonance. I co-create with my audience as they are sparked by my idea and add their thoughts to it. And little by little, almost effortlessly those ideas eventually turn into bigger types of content like articles, courses, guides, videos... all the things.

Here's why this bottoms-up approach works so well:

  • Each tweet is a tiny lift. Effortless.
  • There's no decision on HOW to get an idea out. It's always a tweet.
  • You get validation for your idea along the way
  • You get buy-in on your idea from your audience
  • You only ever start from a blank page one time (the tweet)

This method has allowed me over the past 3 years to create an incredible amount of content. Over 500 Atomic essays, countless articles, 3x courses, and multiple digital products. And they all started from a single tweet.

I call it The Remixify Method. Here's How It Works:

It’s honestly so simple - just three steps. And if you scroll to the bottom of this email you can find the link to a workshop I’m running this weekend on how to implement this into your own content system!

Step 1: Choose Your Idea Carrier

Now whether we are talking tweets, LinkedIn Posts, Instagram posts whatever. You need a carrier for your ideas. One single, easy-to-do thing that gets a single idea out into the world ready to be tested.

For me, that is the tweet.

It's small enough that it's not a heavy lift. But still enough to carry an idea out into the world for testing.

Here's the thing. There are so many ways to get our ideas out on the internet. And if you have to decide every time on the HOW of getting an idea out (will it be a tweet, a post, an image, an illustration, an article) then it'll just slow you down from getting that actual idea out.

So, choose one initial carrier for your ideas that you know every time you have an idea - you just 'do the thing' it.

For me... Every time I have an idea I 'Tweet' It.

Step 2: Listen For Signals

So many creators I talk to just 'tweet, post & ghost' and never go back and look at previous content (apart to reply back to comments).

It's easy to see why.

Most of us are conditioned to believe that we just need to keep pumping out more & more content in order to survive in this creator world where everyone is vying for attention. So we get on the hamster wheel pumping out tweet after tweet like good little creators.

Except, pumping out MORE content isn't how you grow or get attention.

The most successful creators out there are not randomly pumping out content. They listen for what resonates with their audience and then they find 100x different ways to say the same thing.

Think about James Clear. What would have happened if one day he thought I've said too much about Atomic Habits I'll write about something else? Think about it.

So once you're ideas are out there make it a habit once a week to look for the ones that are the top performers. Collect a few of those top performers together and put them through the Remixify Framework 👇

Step 3: Take Your Top Performers and... Remixify

Now you have ideas being carried out into the world and you're getting signal back. You can start the remixify process.

There are four ways I use the Remixify Method to keep testing ideas, expanding ideas, & promoting ideas up the chain.

REMIXIFY PROCESS 1: Say It Again In A Different Way

Use those top-performing posts to create more posts. Take the idea that worked and remix it into a new format or framework. You can be pretty sure if it resonated once, it will resonate again.

Remixify Process: Try to create at least 4x different posts from any top performer tweet.

REMIXIFY PROCESS 2: Say it In A Different Medium

If you want to expand onto different platforms then you’ll want to take your top performers and present them in a different medium. Tweets make great LinkedIn posts or short-form videos, and quote cards for Instagram.

Remixify Process: Take your 3x top-performing tweets and create posts for your secondary channels.

REMIXIFY PROCESS 3: Promote It Up The Chain

Now we’re cooking with short-form it’s time to build those ideas up into bigger ‘pillar’ content. For this, I use a remixify pathway to make it easier to know where an idea is going next.

This is my Remixify pathway:
Tweet -> Essay -> Article -> Thread -> Guide or Workshop -> Course -> Book

It makes it easy. When a tweet resonates I simply turn it into an essay. And as it continues to resonate at each level I just promote it to the next link in the chain.

A couple of reasons why this is so great:

  • No blank pages. You are always starting from something shared previously
  • Lots of content. People will start to tell you they see you EVERYWHERE.
  • Idea Traction. Now you'll start to get known for a specific idea not a bunch of random things.

This is the sustainable content model I wish I knew 10 years ago when I started this journey. It makes it a joy to develop ideas and have those ideas literally spread into all corners of the internet.

Want Build Your own Remixify System? Grab my Remixify Masterclass where I Walk You Through setting up your own system so you can turn 1 single tweet into hundreds of content ideas. Click here to grab the masterclass.

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