So, you feel like an imposter do you?

Ev Chapman
May 13, 2021

45 days ago most of my tweets went unnoticed.

It's amazing how quickly showing up daily compounds. Now the engagement on Twitter is literally crazy some days! And I'm running to keep up. I can't remember the last time a tweet had 0 engagement.

But something else has happened beyond just likes and comments.

People have started to reach out to me as an expert on topics like Notion, writing atomic essays, processes & systems, newsletters, even validating their startup ideas 😬

But how can that be? Guys, don't you know I'm just 45 days into this? Who am I to be giving this kind of advice to people? Surely there's a real expert you could learn more from.

Imposter syndrome kicks in. Hard.

The reality is, it takes far less time to be perceived as an expert than we think it does. Especially when you are willing to show up every day.

When I reach out to someone who has written 100 atomic essays compared to my 45, I know they still understand what it feels like to be at 45.

Heck, 45 days in - I still remember my first day of shipping. I remember missing half the onboarding, not finding my sacred time, and feeling nervous as hell to push publish on that first essay.

As long as you have skin in the game, you have something to teach people. And maybe you're not THE expert, but you're the expert when it comes to your experience and what you've learned from it.

Imposter syndrome can just get F#%ed.*

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