The Remixify Pathway: How to Turn Your Best Ideas into a Powerful Content Runway

Ev Chapman
May 18, 2023

The amount of platforms & mediums we have to create on these days is almost endless & it's not getting shorter. Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium Substack, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Quora Youtube Shorts...

I find there are two ways that most creators deal with this overwhelming choice of platforms:

The Spray & Pray Approach

You decide to just be a content machine and distribute your content EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. With a click of a button, your tweet goes to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, and Substack Notes. With another click of the button you post on Medium, Long Form Twitter, Your Blog.

And this sounds effective, but actually, it waters down your content & because you can't personally be on all those platforms it doesn't build resonance with your audience.

The Head In The Sand Approach

The second approach (& I've been guilty of this) is just putting your head in the sand. Pretending TikTok doesn't exist, ignoring LinkedIn. It's all just too much, so you continue in your little safe corner of the internet.

The problem with this approach is you put all your eggs in one basket, which creates a lot of platform risk & you severely limit your audience.

So how do we scale our content efforts without more effort that feels manageable and not like a crazy person? And how do we do this repeatably, on schedule?

The Third Approach - The Remixify Pathway

Remixify-ing your content is different to what we traditionally know as repurposing content. Rather than just taking your content from one platform & dumping it on another - we take our best content, with the original idea + any signal we get back from our audience and we use that to create Native Content for another platform.

This is what my Remixify Pathway looks like right now:

  • I tweet 14x times each week. Out of those 14, I'm looking for 5 top performers.
  • The top 3 turn into my essay ideas for the following week.
  • Then my top essay turns into my newsletter for the following week.

The amount of content can scale as much as I like (but still depend on how much time & headspace I have) because I'm not hunting for new ideas for new platforms. As long as I keep tweeting I know I won't have any problem creating content for all the other platforms.

Here are a few reasons why this approach works so well

  • Your content gets better each time you remix it
  • You learn what resonates before you repurpose content
  • Content lives around for much longer than just hitting a button and sharing it everywhere all at once.
  • It gets denser and resonates more each time you remix it.
  • You never start from a blank page because you have ideas to to remix at every level.

How to create your own Remixify Pathway

Choose a Gateway Platform for your micro-content

The reason why Twitter works so well for this process is:

  • Tweets take very little time to create
  • I get almost immediate feedback about my idea
  • I can test ideas fast without the risk & time for putting them into longer form
  • It helps to refine your ideas - because you need to be short.

Any fast-moving social network will work for your gateway platform. Choose one where you like to play and hang out - it will make it easier.

Next, you’ll need to decide on how many micro-ideas you need to share on your gateway platform to create enough runway to promote ideas up the ladder.

My sweet spot is 2x tweets a day.

And from those 2x tweets, I can create all the content I need in all the places. Here’s the thing… it’s not about volume, it’s about being smart with the content you put out.

Turn Micro Content Into Short-Form Content

Once you've tested your ideas in micro-form it's time to turn your best ones into short-form content. For me, short-form content is anything from Atomic Essays, Twitter Threads, Long Form Posts or Short-Form Video.

It’s a chance to take that super small tweet and make it a little bigger, get a little more resonance, and test the idea a little further.

The key is not just to say I’ll take some tweets and turn them into essays. Get super specific about what tweets you will turn into new content & how much. For example:

  • Take 5x performers and turn them into atomic essays
  • Take 2x performers and turn them into medium articles
  • Take 1x top performer and create a thread.

By getting ultra-specific you eliminate the decisions you have to make each week. Instead of spending an hour brainstorming ideas for your next newsletter. You simply look at your top performers, choose your top 2 and start writing.

Rinse & Repeat All The Way Up The Content Chain

Now you can use the same process of finding top performers and promoting them into new content at every level. You might take your top 3 Medium articles from the month and turn them into a long-form guide, a workshop or a course.

Eventually, my Remixify Pathway goes all the way up to workshops, courses, and products. All my courses started out as tweets, all my products gained resonance as tweets, essays & articles.

The sky is the limit… all you need is a clear runway that your content can move along

And the ultimate beauty of the Remixify Pathway is that as long as I keep tweeting, I don't have to worry about all the other content, I know the system takes care of the rest. So tweets essentially become the cornerstone habit in the whole process.

😁 Whenever you’re ready here are three ways we can take this further:

  1. If you want some help building your own Remixify Pathway then check out the full Remixify Workshop where I walk you through by step by step process for finding your perfect content mix, creating your own pathway, and remixing your ideas so your audience (& you never get bored). Grab It Here for $29.
  2. Want to know my secret to Remixing tweets effortlessly? It’s called The Endless Tweet Generator and over 1000+ people love it & use it to create content effortlessly for Twitter. It’s available for free as a Notion or Tana Template. Click here to download it.
  3. This week I was featured on the Careers 2.0 Podcast. It was a great conversation about how & why I got started as a creator and my journey to digital product creator. Listen on Spotify or watch on Youtube.

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